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November 18, 2011

Iowa Poll Shows Religious Breakdown in GOP Race

Those who will likely vote in Iowa’s presidential caucuses remain undecided, a new poll suggests. Those that did report an opinion in the poll admitted that they could still be persuaded to change their vote.

Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney are leading the pack among likely caucus goers, according to a poll conducted by Iowa State University, The Gazette, and KCRG of 1,256 of registered Iowa voters. Other candidates received single-digit support in the Hawkeye State.

Herman Cain received the most votes among Catholics (35 percent) and Protestant/born-again (25 percent), but he has very little support among secular voters (10 percent). Secular voters represent a small portion of caucus voters, but they are the most unified with six-in-ten of them backing Ron Paul.

Among religious voters, born-again Protestants are the least supportive of Mitt Romney. Only one-in-eight born-again voters support the former governor of Massachusetts, compared to nearly one-in-four support among other Protestants. Evangelicals are twice as likely to support Rick Perry compared to other religious voters.

Michele Bachmann is also trailing in the poll, partly due to her lack of support (0 percent in the poll) among Catholics. Bachmann's former membership in a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran church in Stillwater, Minnesota, previously drew some attention earlier this year because the Synod suggests that the Catholic Papacy is the Antichrist.

The poll found a high level of fluidity among voters. Dave Peterson of Iowa State said that the race in Iowa is still up for grabs.

“My take away from these results is that voters are still really unsure of whom they will support. Over half of the people are still trying to decide, and another third are merely leaning toward a candidate,” said Peterson, who is interim director of the Harkin Institute of Public Policy. “When asked, people will express a preference for one candidate, but that they will also admit that this is a weak attitude. This is anyone's race at this point.”

Religious voters appear fairly undecided.

“Religious voters are particularly fluid at this time," Peterson said. "While only around 16 percent of all voters say they have made up their mind, the rate is even lower amongst voters of faith. 37 percent of secular voters say that they have made up their mind, but less than 10 percent of voters who identify as either Catholic or Protestant have made a firm choice.”
Iowans cast votes for the GOP nomination on January 3.



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Just keep speaking the truth and you'll continue to rise Mr. Paul. He's the only consistent candidate running and the only one that you can take his word on something.

It's interesting that Bachmann, next to Paul, gets most of the secular vote. It's likely her messages about freedom and against crony capitalism that get her there. And unlike Romney and Gingrich, she doesn't have a record of liberal policies and stances.

Would be more useful if you had the breakdowns on what % of those surveyed identified with each religious group.

I tend to think this election is not one that should go to a novice. Too many international concerns are calling for someone with some experience and intelligence about them. Unfortunately that leaves only Gingrich or Romney. So do we want a moderate left wing President (Gingrich) or a radical left wing President (Obama or Romney)?

Don't lose confidence in the power of the gospel to change America by placing confidence in the role of government. Ron Paul's vision of constitutional government is the most consistent with the Christian heritage of America and the Founding Fathers. Dr Paul doesn't just wave the Christian flag and pander to voters like other candidates. He has solid principles drawn from the Scriptures. See his presentation at the Values Voter Summit on youtube.

I like Cain. I think he would make a fine president. I trust his gut instincts on most matters...though it may take him time to make up his mind on things that he really hasn't been immersed in for most of his life. Most of the decisions a president makes do NOT need to be split-second. In fact, I wish that our presidents and legislators spent MORE time reading through bills and deliberating over them - instead of being like Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who tried to block the Republicans from reading the bill aloud, and then said "we have to pass it, so that you can find out what's in it." That's vintage Pelosi. I think we could use more humble christians in government, who don't place their faith on the back-burner, but truly are humble, and truly do honor Jesus and the Bible. But if I can settle for a Gingrich/Cain ticket... I will happily vote for it! Gingrich/Cain would be a good ticket - and an even better one if it was Cain/Gingrich!

I do NOT trust Romney AT ALL! He is the instigator behind "Romneycare" in Massechusetts. It harmed their health care system, and worked so well for them - that Obama's people said that it was the basis for Obamacare.

Not only that, but Romney's people have already been to DC to help Obama's people IMPLEMENT OBAMACARE!!!

Romney is on the same team as Obama. They may look like foes, at first glance...but how many "foes" have their people working together to implement a disastrous bill that the country didn't want in the first place??