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November 14, 2011

Tony Perkins: Obama Is Hostile, Disdainful of Christianity

Family Research Council recently elevated the criticism of President Obama, saying the President disrespects Christianity and is creating an environment “hostile” to Christianity.

During last week’s broadcast of Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, FRC president Tony Perkins joined a discussion over the Air Force Academy’s apology for promoting participation in the Operation Christmas Child program conducted by Samaritan's Purse. Host James Dobson said he suspected that the Obama administration influenced the apology (though he suggested he had no proof of this). Perkins said the President disrespected Christianity:

I have no doubt, as you look back over the last two and a half of years of this administration, that the President has used his bully pulpit—he has done public policy but beyond the public policy that he’s pushed for—that it's created an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity. And we’re seeing this played out all across this culture. And the courts have been emboldened by this. And now you see the military doing it as well. There’s no end to this as long as you have someone who is the Commander-in-Chief, who is the president of this country that has a disdain for Christianity.

Alliance Defense Fund president Alan Sears and American Values president Gary Bauer joined Perkins on Dobson's show.

Perkins’s statement on Family Talk came after a similar statement to Fox News last week. Fox reported on the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to oppose the addition of President Franklin Roosevelt's D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial at the Washington Mall.
"This is further evidence that the administration has created an environment that is hostile towards American history -- but in particular towards Christianity. I hope America wakes up and realizes what this administration is doing to this country and how they want to radically and fundamentally change America,” Perkins said. "They want to erase every aspect of America's heritage. Any president, any official in history that has embraced Christianity, is no longer welcome in this administration. That's the environment they are creating."
A year ago, Samaritan's Purse president Franklin Graham said that while Obama himself was not hostile to Christianity, some in the White House were. In an interview on CNN, Graham was asked by Campbell Brown if he believed the president was “hostile to evangelicals.”
“I don't think there's any hostility [from Obama]. But I certainly think there are probably some people under him that would be hostile towards evangelicals,” Graham said. “It's interesting, Campbell, that the evangelical community has been disenfranchised in this administration. I think they need to understand that there are millions of evangelicals that voted for President Obama this last election. But there has not been a movement towards this administration, toward the evangelical community at all.”


Damn straight he is hostile to Christianity! He's the most anti-Christian president ever. Just one example out of dozens and dozens: organizations can get funding for anti-sex trafficking work ONLY if they distribute contraceptives. But those contraceptives FACILITATE the keeping of girls and young women and sex slaves. So any Catholic or Christian groups that are morally opposed--morally opposed to this horrible and counter-productive government policy--are excluded.

There's more, but some of you are already convinced, and some of the others of you may need some time to digest this one first.

There are some legitimate issues that are concerning to Christians, but I don't think we should be interpreting it as anti-Christian as much as a different world view.

For Mani's illistration, the perspective is that while they want to get people out of sex trade, they also want people that are stuck in the sex trade to have safer sex. Disagree with the perspective, but that is not an Anti-Christian perspective as much as it is a different perspective that can be held by both Christians and non-Christians.

Perkins and others are more about gaining constituencies than working together to solve problems.

Hi Tobin,
When Obama said "1st and foremost we are Americans", is when I heard him say "God, and His position is secondary to our national interests".
Mr. President, umm sorry I am one of God's children 1st and foremost, and God has a 1st and foremost position with me.
I contend that if You call Yourself a Mexican American, African American, Arab American, lgbtq American, proud American, etc. You already put being American 2nd.
Read the real war on God's word here:

Who best represents the gospel of Jesus Christ? To this committed evangelical Bible-based Christian mind, certainly not Tony Perkins nor James Dobson. President Obama is not hostile to Christianity; only to the misuse of Christianity for self-serving political ends which many other committed Christians also discern to be a poor and shallow example of the gospel.

There's a theory that if you need to be constantly reminded that you're suffering persecution, then that need to be reminded might be evidence that, well, you're not actually suffering persecution.

But that's just one theory.

Less harm which helps keep people alive until they can be reached is not Anit-Christian. Christians don't triage.

Thank you, Velma. Amen. Using God's name to promote one's own agenda is hypocrisy at its worst. God knows who is doing that. He knows who is being deceived by such actions. May He have mercy upon us all.

I agree with Velma, totally.

If only those (like Perkins) who claim to be Christian spokesmen had half as much love for actual human beings as the President does, God would be glorified and the church admired in today's world. When did it become the primary mission of the church to oppose those who oppose it, rather than showing love toward the world?

Speaking about all that "love"--tell that to the Republicans who he lies about and mischaracterizes. Tell that to all the people that are looking for jobs while this president turns down Keystone which would've created over 20,000 jobs overnite. This president doesn't care about the Gospel, or the Kingdom of God--only his little kingdom. It's all about him.

Actually, he killed more like 400,000 jobs according to this article: http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2011/11/12/obamas_new_job_plan_kill_400,000_jobs_immediately

And that doesn't count all the jobs that have been lost since he stopped all US drilling in the gulf (but it's fine for foreign companies to drill there), and then the stricter regulations he made for car emissions and then he promptly gave the money to foreign companies to develop the cars, and the list goes on an on. These are just a few of the reasons that many Americans think he is purposefully tanking out economy. There is the fast and furious scandal, the Solyndra scandal (billions given to a company they knew was foundering), etc. He also has said he wants to put a total stop to the US coal industry. He just needs 4 more years to turn this country into a 3rd world country at this rate.

Sure, sure if I believe the heading of this article and the article itself, then you might as well sell me the Brooklyn bridge; Can I pay you with the Eiffel Tower?

I don't think so!

I've been call hostile myself, for refusing to agree to this type of shenanigans of mixing dirty, worldly politics with the purity of the Gospel.

Go read some history of the Church thru the centuries, before posting and parroting this type of delusions and accusations. A whole lot more hostile than Obama could be were most of the Roman Popes.

Get over yourselves!


Folks need reminders of the persecution because so much of it is unknown to most of us, there are so many examples of it, and collecting the examples provides us what we need to know to undertand how pervasive and inclusive it is. (Aphorisms don't alwasy work.) Condoms may be wise in may instances, but, if religious groups who can be very effective and dedicated (and Christian) in combatting sex trade are thereby excluded, then the policy should be modified. Moreover, the AFA and BLM (especially) instances are, in order, silly and absurd (and I did not know of either until now--but who would if they rely on Big Media?).

Christians who try to play the "sheep and goats" with Democrats who claim Christ truly scare me. The Cross isn't wrapped with the American flag, and if President Obama says he loves the Lord, I believe him....I have read Romans 10. Former presidents who were misguided by false claims of Iraq making weapons of mass destruction also authorized the purposeful death of many innocents. And yet I'm not willing to then say George W. Bush can't be a Christian. I know he is. He says he is.

Bruce, Joy and Velma are my peeps.

Please, Christianity Today readers, don't become yet another wing of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch. Please.

The God of Christianity has a hostile opinion of Obama, but saw fit to allow America to be afflicted by his ascendency. We are reaping what we sowed, like he allowed the Philistines afflict Israel.

God revealed this to me in a vision seven days before Obama was installed as the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

I have an IRS story to go with this if you are inerested. Feel free to contact me.

Wayne Harropson

What proof?

Perkins has some nerve calling anyone hostile or disdainful, he hates most of the world. Whatever religion it is that he and FRC practice it has little to do with Jesus Christ. The anti-Obama hysteria among some conservative Christians is pitiful and offensive. Legitimate criticism gets lost in all the babble from these folks. Christianity will survive both Obama and Tony Perkin's FRC side show.

Here we go again. Every time I read someone complain that CT has become a liberal magazine, I want to send them articles like this. Willing and uncritical platform for conservative politicians and activists to spout off whatever they like, including disgraced ones (i.e. Tony Perkins -- look him up sometime). Unbelievable... well, no, sadly it's all-too believable. Gotta love all that good, Christian venom in the comments, too. Somebody get these folks some pitchforks and torches.

This is the second time CT has mischaracterized what the Air Force did regarding the Samaritan's Purse program. When CT asserts that the Air Force "apologized for promoting" the program, it sounds like the Air Force decided to no longer promote the program.

To the contrary, the Air Force simply acknowledged that promotion of the program should have come through the Chaplain's office, rather than from the cadets individually. Now, the Chaplain's office is promoting the program. So, the Air Force didn't "apologize for promoting" the toy drive. They apologized that the wrong group did the promoting -- an enormous difference, and one that contains no hint of hostility to or disdain for Christianity.

And, as to Perkins' comment that "Any president, any official in history that has embraced Christianity, is no longer welcome in this administration," it leaves me to wonder in what alternate universe Perkins resides. It's Perkins and Dobson who are actually hostile to truth and plain facts. Doesn't CT have an ethical duty to not print falsehoods?

As for Mani's illustration, sometimes jobs legitimately require a person to do something that conflicts with their faith. When that happens, the Christian is unable to fulfill the job duties and should refrain from taking (or not be surprised when they are not given) that job. For example, I believe that my Christian faith requires that I oppose the death penalty. This means that I believe I cannot work for the State's Attorney's office as a prosecutor because my state has the death penalty. It doesn't mean that the State's Attorney is hostile to or has a disdain for Christianity. It just means that my Christian faith would keep me from fulfilling the perfectly legal duties that are a part of that job (or at least part of the job of the prosecutors that handle capital cases).

And that's the point that Perkins and Dobson refuse to acknowledge, on many, many issues, Christians should be able to disagree in good faith about particular policies without one side questioning the other side's faith.

Let's be honest, folks. Barack Obama may be a Christian, but Tony Perkins is correct: Obama and his officials ARE hostile to evangelical Christianity, and have demonstrated that hostility multiple times. It's clear enough.

Among other proofs, Obama has opened the door to legalized gay marriage via his unbridled opposition to, and abandonment of, the Defense of Marriage Act.

If Obama is re-elected in 2012, legalized gay marriage will become a reality in America, with all its negative consequences. Is that what evangelical Christians want?

this is to all the faithful.dont be scared to live but beware of the past. the people that build machines are not always in charge of them.live and be happy but if you know something do not be afraid to fight like jesus christ.i do not think he died for our sins,he died for us to live. donald james anderson portland oregon

Obama's obviously anti-Christian, to the point I'd call him an anti-Christ. He is openly promoting homosexualiy,which is always a sin in the bible,and doing so in a devious, dishonest way. He tells young gays repeatedly that life will get better when the Center for Disease Control statistics show most young gay men suffer from AIDS and other std's and their lifespan is now estimated to average 39 years! That's plain dishonest on Obama's part to tell them things get better. The Shepherd Hate law was sold falsely to the public saying that Shepherd was killed for being gay when the killers admitted that it was a robbery only. His pro-abortion stance is openly anti-Christian, saying he doesn't want his daughter "punished" with a baby- that's not a Christian speaking. He kowtows to moslem kings(Saud), says he's a moslem,misquoted the bible and does nothing to help persecuted Christians.

Maybe the most accurate measure of the Administration's disdain for Christianity would be the appointment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Would the Administration's two appointments:

1. Protect the life of a innocent child against murder (unborn children)?
2. Agree with the sacred texts of scripture that sodomy is a sinful and unhealthy act that should not be protected under law or promoted in our laws?
3. Be willing to rule against public educational institutions (primarily high schools) and permit schools to deny books that have pornographic acts and conduct laced throughout the text?
4. Force chaplains that see the Bible as true to refrain from discussing scripture that happens to state that adultery or homosexuality is sin and desctructive? Or would they conclude reciting the bible is hate speech?

5. Require Catholic or other Christian hospitals to kill children in the womb? Or uphold laws that require a Christian adoption agency to allow same-sex couples to adopt?

Most of us know how the Administration's Supreme Court appointments would answer these questions and yet these issues relate directly to Biblical concepts. I would conclude that this would be a more precise indication of whether the Administration has disdain for Biblical Christianity.

Seems to me anytime Evangelicals can't get their way, they accuse others of being against Christianity. When will you guys grow up and get over yourselves? This nation belongs to all Americans not just conservative Christians. The President is a Christian. Thank God he is not like you.

At some point we need to be able to say people disagree with us, without calling them anti-Christ or anti-Christian. If we cannot do that, then we are not really living up to our roles as Christians.

Well, interesting if true...which, considering the vein in which the article was written in I would suspect that it would make Mr. William Randalf Hearst proud.

Well done Mr. Grant, a fine piece of workmanship that illuminates your thinking, your politics, and overall your faith...I'd go on, but I would only further embarrass you.

If someone says he is a Christian, and President Obama does say that, then we are totally out of line for questioning his faith, especially on a public forum like this. We are not the final judge of what is in a man's heart, God is.

Tony Perkins "Is Hostile, Disdainful" of most everything except far-right, autocratic extremism. with his infamous lack of intellectual integrity, Evangelicals should be disdainful of Tony Perkins.

There are many things that Obama has said and done that would lead any thinking, Bible believing Christian to question the sincerity of Obama when he says that he is a Christian. I have a quote from Hitler saying he was a Christian below. Do you believe he was sincere too?

God gave us intelligence and the Bible and the Holy Spirit to use discernment. Are you going to believe the antichrist if/when he says the same thing, or are you going to use the gifts and knowledge that God has given you? Here is a short list of some things that are questionable about Obama. There is his recent opposition to FDR's prayer to be engraved at the WW2 Memorial, his unconstitutional refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, his constant pushing of the homosexual agenda, his pushing of federal money to be used for abortions inside and outside the US, and in the past, he twice voted, while in the Illinois Senate, to kill any infant born live after an abortion. In addition, he has purposefully removed the words "our Creator" when quoting from the Declaration of Independence from his teleprompter, and much, much more. He had no problem when the democrats gave no cost of living increase to the poor on Social Security. The 2012 increase will be the first since 2009.

In public statements, shortly before he came to rule, Hitler also told the crowds that he was a Christian. For example, in Munich, he said "My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter...." Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice."

Would you believe Hitler too or would you look at his actions? In the end, God is of course the final judge, but it's pretty ridiculous to think that Obama takes his "Christian" faith seriously. He was also listed as a muslim student for the years he attended school in Indonesia.

I'm sorry. I don't know where you guys are getting these ideas about Christianity. I'm as theologically conservative as any person here. I don't know if Obama is a Christian. I only know he says he is and while I may not agree with him, or may think he's really inept as a president, I have no authority to question his faith. God says that we're supposed to pray for our leaders. So, if what God says is true, and I believe it is, we should pray for Obama and leave his belief in Jesus between him and Jesus. I am way more concerned about the spiritual health of most of the people on this blog than I am about Obama. If I were to ask myself, "who is 'acting' like a Christian right now" (and of course I would never do that, because if someone says they are a Christian, I am going to believe them), I honestly don't think I could answer that. God is a gracious God, full of mercy, but really, I don't think it brings any glory to Him when we act like this. If I am wrong, then I am wrong. But if you are wrong, oh, the consequences ... We need to use the discernment God gives us - Hitler may have been a "cultural" Christian (in that he was not Jewish) because he was born in a Christian country, but he sure didn't have any trouble killing off Christians. I think somebody here (Teri) has been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck a little too much when they should be consulting God's Word.

I guess if you can't contradict the facts, attack the person? I am a professional with 2 degrees, and I have never listened to a Glen Beck program, or read anything by him, and I haven't listened to or read Rush in about 12 years at least. I do something called research. It's really easy to do, and I can certainly tell a fact filled site from a load of garbage. If you listen to the national news, you can believe it is Obama approved. You can verify what I wrote at several reliable sites. You might have tried doing that before attacking me. Like I said, you might want to do that, because Hitler sounded like a Christian early in his career, although of course later in his years of ruling, he proved the opposite. And we're seeing the opposite of what Obama says also, but not to the degree of Hitler yet. But I do think voting twice while in the Illinois senate to kill live infants born after abortions is despicable, and in no way a Christian action. I hope you can at least agree to that. John 7:24 - "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."

Teri, I totally agree with that verse John 7:24 - do not judge according to appearance. That is what I've been trying to say.

OK, I take that back. That verse has to do with not keeping the law on the Sabbath. I'm not clear what that has to do with speculating about whether or not someone is a Christian.

Right, so he gives the "appearance" of being a Christian, as did Hitler early in his career. But his actions show the opposite, from going several years back to the present. From voting to kill live newborns born after an abortion, to paying for US and foreign abortions, to purposefully refusing to even using the words "Our Creator" when reciting the Declaration of Independence (with teleprompter), to making sure that FDR's prayer on D-Day will not be included on the WW2 Memorial, etc, etc, etc, you now see how these actions speak for themselves? I'm glad you're starting to get it! If not, I give up. The Bible says not to cast pearls..

And absolutely, I agree with you about abortion. That is a deal breaker for me. But I am also pro-life in other areas, such as health care, caring for the poor and disadvantaged, war and the death penalty. I know this opens a can of worms for a lot of people, but you can't be pro-life without taking these other areas into consideration. I would direct you to Matthew 25, starting with verse 31.

If Perkins isn't getting special priveleges, he claims he's being persecuted. He is an embarassment to all Christians, even by the low standards of the Dobson/Bauer crowd.

oh, Teri. That last comment was a low blow. I think you really want to be looking at Matt. 7:3, not Matt. 7:6. If we are arguing about keeping the sabbath, then your John 7:24 verse applies.

Thank you, Kathleen. As Christians, we should not expect nor ask for special privileges. We gave all our rights away when we died with Christ.

Obama called himself “a committed Christian” in his campaign brochure in the South, yet his version of Christianity isn’t Biblically based. In a 2004 newspaper interview, Obama said basically he doesn’t believe in eternal judgment. If there were no eternal judgment for sin, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have had to come down to earth to die on a cross for our sins. Barack Obama says he questions himself. He has an internal discourse but this is not prayer to the Lord. Obama doesn’t know if he’s going to heaven.

At the beginning of the interview, Obama says, “So, I'm rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place.” With this statement alone, Obama takes issue with Jesus’ words in John 14:6 where Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.”

Shortly before going to heaven, the esteemed Rev. D. James Kennedy closed his sermon on John 14:1-7 with this: “And let me add this. If you go out of here saying you don’t like that text (John 14:6), that is your privilege. But do not call yourself a Christian. You are calling Christ a liar.”

That Barack Obama has missed the basics of Christianity is evident in his voting record. He openly defies God in the matters of his being, as he said, “the most pro-homosexual presidential candidate ever” and being so pro-abortion that he has voted for partial-birth abortion and allowing that baby to die who miraculously survives that heinous procedure.

Tony Perkins is correct. Obama and his officials are hostile to evangelical Christianity. At this point, there is too much evidence on the table to pretend otherwise. Obama's words and deeds are clear, a matter of public record.

Many of you voted for Obama in 2008. This nation cannot afford a similar mistake in 2012.

@ 2Teri -- I don't question your faith, and I won't attack you personally, but I will contradict your purported "facts."

1. "He had no problem when the democrats gave no cost of living increase to the poor on Social Security. The 2012 increase will be the first since 2009."

-- False. The legislation establishing social security COLAs was passed in 1973 to take politics out of it. That old law automatically calculates cost of iving adjustments (COLAS) using the formula in the law, which is tied to one of the consumer price indexes. So, when prices rise, annual COLAs are automatically provided so that benefits keep pace with inflation. Conversely, when inflation is essentially zero, or when prices fall, the statutory formula sets the cost of living adjustment at zero. There is no vote.

www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/usc_sec_42_00000415----000-.html (scroll down to subsection (i)).

2. "[H]e twice voted, while in the Illinois Senate, to kill any infant born live after an abortion."

-- False (and backward). Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact.com called this clai a "pants-on-fire" lie: "To reiterate what’s not in dispute: Obama opposed 'born alive' legislation in Illinois and gave several reasons for opposing the proposals. But at no time did he make the argument that infants who survived botched abortions should be killed." PolitiFact includes links to the text of the Illinois leglislation. www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/mar/10/rick-santorum/rick-santorum-said-obama-said-any-child-born-prema/

The Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which would have provided that infants born with any degree of vital signs, regardless of their stage of viability, were to be treated as full human beings with rights to medical treatment regardless of their viability. Illinois already had a law requiring treatment for viable infants and even without the BAIPA, nothing prevented doctors from treating such infants.

@ 2Teri (cont.)

3. "[H]is unconstitutional refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act."

-- False. The Administration announced it would no longer file legal briefs in Court DEFENDING the constitutionality of parts of the statute. But, the Administration also pledged to continue to ENFORCE the statute unless it is either repealed by Congress or overturned by the corts. www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2011/February/11-ag-223.html

See, for example, many articles at the Volokh Conspiracy, a leading conservative legal websites, run by several highly-regarded conservative law professors, explaining the difference between refusing to DEFEND a statute versus refusing to ENFORCE a statute, and why presidents have the "DUTY not to defend" a law they "genuinely believe is unconstitutional." (Emph. added).

4. "[H]is pushing of federal money to be used for abortions inside and outside the US."

-- Mostly False. PolitiFact.com rated this claim as "Mostly False." Federal law has long prohibited use of federal funds to pay for abortion. The only question is whether federal funds can go to organizations that USE THEIR OWN SEPARATE FUNDS to perform or provide information about abortion. www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2011/jul/01/rick-perry/gov-rick-perry-says-obamas-repeal-policy-means-tax/

5. "[His] opposition to FDR's prayer to be engraved at the WW2 Memorial."

-- Misleading. The original version of this claim is old urban myth that was thoroughly debunked long ago. www.snopes.com/politics/military/memorial.asp

Now, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) has introduced a bill to add new engravings to the World War II Memorial. In addition to opposition from the Dept. of the Interior, the bill was also opposed by the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission and the American Battle Monuments Commission ("charged by the Congress in Public Law 103-32 to design and build the World War II Memorial"). These organizations concurred "that no additional elements should be inserted into this carefully designed Memorial." naturalresources.house.gov/Calendar/EventSingle.aspx?EventID=266125 So, yes, Pres. Obama opposes adding new material (NOT just "Christian prayer") to the WWII Memorial, but so does most everyone else affiliated with the Memorial.

The God of Christianity has a hostile opinion of Obama, but saw fit to allow America to be afflicted by his ascendency. We are reaping what we sowed, like he allowed the Philistines afflict Israel.

God revealed this to me in a vision seven days before Obama was installed as the editor of the Harvard Law Review (in 1990)

Idi Amin Dada Oumee the Ugandan dictator was driving a US Government vehicle in his full regalia and with a confident and radiant appearance as he ascended an incline... goes the vision. I placed a link in my last post and it was removed or you would have been able to read more. I put it in the URL box this time, we'll see what that does.

This is the real deal. Many of my visions have basis in reality. It's kind of like a Joseph thing.

Good research, Christian Lawyer (and just because I like lawyer joke .... never mind). I appreciate that you documented your facts instead of saying I have 2 degrees and have done a lot of research. So many people - liberals and conservatives both do it - only give you the part of their research that agrees with their point of view. Or maybe that's all they can see.

I've never read a bigger bunch of Obama hating nimrods in my life. Some have suggested that the best President in the post WWII era is the anti-Christ. No wonder evengelicals have such a bad reputation in our country.

He's not anti-Christian, he's anti-christianist. He recognizes we have freedom of religion. He rightfully sees those who exploit Christ to advance their power and control over others as the hoegrown fascists they are, and that includes Perkins, who once bought the mailing list of Klansman David Duke, and convicted criminal Colson who advocated oerthrow of the government.

In spite of the artfully constructed rhetoric being used by many to cloak their bigoted ideology.

They fool only themselves and no one else. Go read some good church history books or any good history book and you'll find what is it really like, to be Hostile to christianity.

Just for starters; how about a search for who was Torquemada, or about Pope Leo X? Then finish it up with the history of hostility towards black churches in the South! Remember the bombing of that church in Atlanta in the 60's?


Sorry to disappoint you, but many conservative Christians will gladly vote for Cain if he is the Republican candidate, and unlike Obama, he is African-American on both sides of his family. A lot of us are tired of the race card, and we want someone to help this economy, which in many respects, is very close to the Great Depression. The 80% of college graduates that are unemployed aren't even counted among the unemployed.

My best guess is, that History is Not in any way, a major favorite course of study for conservatives!

Spreading Urban Legends, Myths and slander however are among their favorite forms of Entertainment. May I suggests instead DWTS.


Obama once said in an intervview with George Stephanopolaus (before '08 election): "because of my muslim faith..." And Obama was about to continue, when George interrupted him and said "you mean, your christian faith". And obama backpedaled. It's on youtube. It's real. And it was quietly dismissed. The man is a muslim, who disdains western society. How can he be anything OTHER than disdainful of christianity?

He once said that the muslim call to prayer (and he repeated it perfectly) is the most beautiful thing he'd EVER heard.

I wish he would say something so heartfelt about Christianity, instead of constantly trying to push it aside in favor of every other 'ism' on the planet, including "statism".

To pretend that the man who consistently cozies up to the abortion lobby, is "christian" is stupid. He consistently sapps the American people of their money and distributes it elsewhere. His administration sold weapons to Mexican drug lords then planned to use the information gained as a means of justifying gun control over American citizens (while the administration knowingly sold guns to mexican drug lords), and leave our border undefended but SUE ARIZONA for picking its own pocket by enforcing national laws... ... But the man who was in charge of the department that is both suing AZ, and sold weapons to violent Mexican criminals... is still in charge. Not only that, but he (Holder) also dropped all charges against two "new black panthers" who were standing outside of a voting booth in '08, holding sticks.

Obama isn't pro-christian. He's not even pro-American. The man went and studied constitutional law and taught it, even though he called it "fundamentally flawed." He studies his enemy. Then he said, before the election, we were '5 days away' from "fundamentally" changing the United States of America. And when elected, he said (as prophetically as he could) "CHANGE has COME to America."

The man is a foreigner. He acts like one. Regardless or not of whether he was born here, he does not even act like he cares about America, american enterprise, american spirituality. Unless it's a plea for us to be more tolerant about the muslims who are building a 'victory mosque' called the "CORDOBA House" just 2 blocks away from the World Trade Center site.

People who cozy up to Obama, cozy up to their own destruction. Because Obama is a destroyer. He's not going to shift gears now. He was committed to this, before he ever got elected. He only accelerated (times ten) when Bush began. Bush was an American, Christian Statist. Obama is a Muslim Statist. He believes in the power of the state, in muslim hands, to bring about the unity of the globe.

That is why he supported all of the muslim uprisings (dethroning secularist dictators), except in Iran. No support for the uprisings in Iran. And they tried to rise up twice. Many terrorist organizations are currently being funded by Iran to bring the rest of the middle east into alignment with their religious and political solidarity. Iran wants to be the seat of the new islamic caliphate. Obama is facilitating this, by supporting all of the uprisings (everywhere) EXCEPT two: the tea party, and the uprising in Iran. Every other uprising (staged, of course) Obama has tried to actively encourage.

Look up "Cloward and Piven Strategy". Back in the 1970's, there were some American progressives (who are still alive and teaching today) who wrote about how the American monetary system may be COLLAPSED, using "the weight of the poor." And this article, which came to be called "The Cloward and Piven Strategy" was the top-selling article in that magazine's history. Obama grew up shoulder-to-shoulder with muslims, and when he was in America and Hawaii...he was amongst leftists and marxists. He knows this culture, very well!

His marxist (black liberation theology) pastor, named Jeremiah Wright said "God Damn America" repeatedly. To wild applause. Not your average black congregation. But Obama went there for 20 years, in order to get his street cred. He even titled one of his books after the title of one of Jeremiah Wright's sermons: The AUDACITY of "HOPE". Truly, the AUDACITY of destruction! Daring to go "all the way" with it...because the Americans before him always shied away from annihilating their whole country, when the going got tough.

I wish he wasn't this way. I have no hatred for the man. Obama seems like a likable guy. But it's abundantly evident that his 'coldness' toward people in general, is because of what he believes. He does not BELIEVE that America is good. He does not BELIEVE that christians are good, at heart, all by themselves (and with their God). No. America must justify herself. SHe must sacrifice. She must surrender things up. She must PROVE that she is not the enemy of the other peoples of the world.

This is not someone who understands American character, at all. It is someone who was raised around anti-colonialist ideology in muslim circles, and also fed large doses of marxism and black liberation theology.

We are in trouble, if we do not wake up. If we do not become faithful again, to GOD and each other.

I am fast losing patience with idiots (of all political persuasions) who do not WANT to understand that there are intelligent and self-aware "isms" in the world that teach (and truly feel) HATE and ANTIPATHY and VIOLENCE. We have some within our own borders...and they are working to try to collapse our borders, so that those who are outside will (hopefully) come in and OCCUPY a splintered America!

Yet, America remains the one country in the world with the most vibrant and visible christian faith.

Artfully constucted rhetoric! Full of unproven and unsubstantiated Facts, Urban legends and old wives myths.

But to all the self proclaimed "christians" that have written here so far, I would ask; Where did they left Jesuschrist? Quite frankly, nowhere to be found.

A lot of Nationalism and conservatism among other "isms" and if it ends in an "ism" chances are is Fanatism.

The gods of many clearly appears to be Mammon and their stomachs. The result of this Idolatry is a Fear of loosing that which is their only hope. Incredible!


Salero, brother, get your head out of the sand. It's probably been there for a long time.

I have a black pastor, and I attend an inner-city church comprised of hispanics, blacks, and a few whites. Most of them don't have a clue what is going on politically. But some do. You see, my black pastor is a bigger conservative than I am. And he was on to Obama from the start, calling him a Marxist and a Muslim, before I even thought the two could coexist (oh, boy, can they ever! Those two "isms" were born for each other, and are now working together, quite handily. "Code pink", foreign anti-colonialists, and the "New Black Panthers" not excluded. There is a reason that the protests in Madison claimed to stand with the protests in Cairo and visa versa. Because they ARE networked. Many of the same people travelled around the world and stood in both protests! And then they tried to escalate it with the "Occupy movement" which was verbally supported by muslim leaders in the middle east. Obama enjoys a pitifully low "job approval" rating among whites, but an over 70% approval rating among muslims....despite poor performance. Why?? "...because of my muslim faith.")

I speak with a number of christian (black) brothers and sisters who are VERY concerned about the direction of THEIR COUNTRY. Obama does not seem nearly as concerned, because he fancies himself "a citizen of the world" as he said to a massive crowd in berlin (right after a concert).

Do you want to call me uninformed? Do you want to call my Black American friends uninformed? We are not. We are awake. YOU are asleep, brother. And I hope there are more people who are awake at this point, than asleep.

He came to destroy. He wants to re-shape what he does not like. And he does not like "the imperialist west". He even returned the bust of Winston Churchill given to Bush from Britain...right back to Britain. It was one of his first acts as president, right next to cozying up to the abortion lobby. The man does not unite. He divides his way to victory. Wake up!

My christian faith is on firmer ground than ever before. It is confirmed by the Bible, strengthened by my christian brothers and sisters, and validated in the news I read every day confirming some of my worst suspicions. The lack of christian zeal in America today (in the average person) is ON PURPOSE. Christians have been divided, told that they are irrelevant, and "educated" out of a fervent zeal for the Biblical God. I encountered this all of the time in high school and college. But I never dreamed that it was deliberate, calculated, planned...by a movement that wants to side-step a concrete discussion about the facts - but DOES want to win, without facts.

We Americans must stop bowing down and cowering before a giant with hollow bones. We are facing tough times again. It's time to stand firm, stand together, and rise together as regular christian folks. Not retreating to yesterday's version of America - but building upon it. We must go in a more peaceful and tolerant direction (physically) but understand that Jesus came to bring a sword (a Word) that seperates good from evil. We must be willing to theologically call a spade a spade, brother. It doesn't mean denying the humanity of our fellow men, or denying them a chance to speak. To the contrary, I invite ALL of my friends to think deeper. I don't care if they are christian or not - I will talk about Christ, and how He is relevant to Americans, today. JESUS is our only hope of salvation, here and eternally.

Now, do you want to challenge my christian faith? I'm ready, and I could go on for hours. I delight in praising God, I desire to be closer and more real with Him every day. I hope that I'm just your average American christian... and your "typical white person" as Obama put it about his own grandmother.

Who is the divider? Who is "ignoring" his christian faith (if he has one). It isn't me. It's the people who look at me and see a tyrant, while they look at Obama and see a FRIEND! Well, I'd be very friendly to Obama if I ever met him, and had one of those "dinner summits" with the man (he keeps having them). Humanly speaking, he is my brother. But he is not a child of Christ.

I'm glad that God placed me with godly brothers and sisters, where we can begin to wake up TOGETHER.

Brother E. Harris I think we all need to be reminded of 1 Corinthians 13. We can boast all we want about our conservative evangelical Bible believing Christianity, but if we have not the very love of Jesus in our hearts, even for those with whom we may strongly disagree, then according to the Apostle Paul, all that arrogant bragging and boasting and denouncing of others is worth not a hill of beans in the sight of God. I am an African American who is painfully aware of the President's flaws; however, having carefully read both his books and listened to most of his speeches and interviews (I might add, each time with a serious prayer for discernment) I can honestly say that I see far more of Christ in him than I do in some conservative Christians who seem to love nothing more than puff themselves up in spiritual pride every time Obama's name is mentioned.

Mr. Harris,

You're Not awake, you're just day dreaming!

Now at the end of your long-winded discourse in which btw you were unable to prove or add anything contrary to what I said.

You conclude that the President is Not a child of Christ. Well that is not going to convince me that you are one either.



I cannot believe that CT readers are this dumb. Ok, uninformed. I consider this to be an in-family argument, so I say this with a little bit of a chuckle. Where have you guys all been these last 3 years??

Velma Mitchell: "We can boast all we want about our conservative evangelical Bible believing Christianity, but if we have not the very love of Jesus in our hearts, even for those with whom we may strongly disagree, then according to the Apostle Paul, all that arrogant bragging and boasting and denouncing of others is worth not a hill of beans in the sight of God."

Ms. Mitchell, I boasted in my "conservative evangelical Bible believing christianity" because a PREVIOUS poster had challenged me on that basis, by saying that I had forsaken Jesus Christ for politics. Uh, no. I haven't. And explaining where I COME FROM (and what culture I am of) is part of explaining that I am not hating anybody. I am challenging a lot of mis-information, and MIS-CHARACTERIZING that is out there! (evidently, this forum NEEDED me.)

I meant no disrespect to Mr. Obama. I am simply pointing out his actions, his history, and his positions. If that is an unloving thing to do... please explain.

I mentioned how I would like to have a sit-down with the guy. And I'm not just saying that because he's the "big cahuna" president. He's a very intelligent man (who has his own mysterious motives for not being very fair toward certain elements of world society and American society), and I have no doubt that he has his reasons for doing what he is doing. Anti-colonialism truly does explain a lot, and I give Dinesh D'souza a lot of credit for explaining the "Roots of Obama's Rage." In some areas of the world, a pseudo-marxist anti-colonialist, anti-western hatred for America is COMMONPLACE. And it just so happens that Obama spent a lot of time rubbing shoulders with people who professed to believe that way, even when he was a young child over in Indonesia.

I've spoken with people who were homosexual and screaming in my face - but who later calmed down as we talked. (They assume that I am something I'm not. Unkind, cruel, untruthful, whatever...) I see much less understanding coming toward me from you, than I have already extended toward Mr. Obama himself. Even though I don't consider him to be a christian (and there is plenty of evidence that he isn't, including the "church" that he attended happily, for 20 years. If YOU have no problem with that man's "black liberation theology"...then you need to pray and search your own heart.)

L Street: "I agree with those who say our persecution is mild by comparison with other examples."

Great. I'm glad that I'm not being persecuted (overtly). I don't like persecution. But I'm sure that more persecution is coming, if it is not nipped in the bud! There is a gathering storm. And it is being consciously coordinated by people with anti-christian, anti-western 'isms.' Anyone who does not see this or FEEL this at least... is probably not a christian (otherwise they would feel it). All you have to do is walk the halls of most public schools, or listen to a lecture from most university professors, or turn on your tv. We are not living in Christ-centric times, despite being a christian-majority country. ... THe people who we have allowed to pull the levers of civilization don't really understand Christianity, and some are actively trying to subvert it every chance they get (mainly, some college professors). And... it just so happens that Obama is big on being professorial (this in addition to his muslim sympathies, anti-colonialist friends, marxist friends... makes me think that maybe the man has a BIAS?)

L. Street: "If you can discuss your persecution in a public forum without fear of punishment, your persecution could be much much worse."

As I said before, if you think that technology companies aren't thinking about ways to track people, and movements, and the movement of ideas and information... you are crazy. Yahoo gave the Chinese government the technology to imprison one of their own (about 5 years ago). Google is famous for cozying up to the Obama administration, and for "accidentally" acquiring all kinds of information. So, yes, if someone nefarious comes to power, and has enough SUPPORT (from nitwits who aren't paying attention)... then yes, persecution can resume if enough people are in the right places in order to coordinate without being stopped. I think they were a little over-confident after Obama's election, to tell you the truth. A lot of this goofiness (like Occupy Wall Street) wasn't supposed to happen until they had the public in the palm of their hand. It's a good thing that they don't. The OWS was an engineered movement that was supposed to look like a populist alternative to the tea party... which was supposed to make Obama look like a centrist. This is how POLITICAL PEOPLE think and move. This is what they spend their days day-dreaming about (and we conservatives have captured plenty of audio and video to back up that sentiment). There are people out there strategizing how they are going to capture the heart and soul of the masses, by doing this or that. When, truly, it should be a matter of POLICY and OPEN DISCUSSION.

L. Street: "But if we are being persecuted, then that means we are significant and worthy, doesn't it?"

Uh..... well, I'd prefer not to be persecuted, mis-characterized, mis-understood, harassed, or outright PERSEUCTED (if Sharia is actually successful in coming to my town). One muslim American was happy and confident enough to say that a muslim flag will be flying over the White House in two years time. Overconfident, sure. But I don't want to give him a chance to pull off whatever shenanigans he's planning! I don't know about you, but Sharia doesn't look pretty to me. It looks like a bad over-reaction to secular, pluralistic atheism that has permeated a lot of western culture.

Salero: "Why can we not just say we have an imperfect president who makes a lot of mistakes?"

Because they aren't mistakes. And the people (like Holder) who made such mistakes, are still in his cabinet. Obama knows full well what he is doing. He's not stupid. What he has done as president, is what he has intended to do. He will take this country as far toward destruction as he can. And then he will probably do whatever is in his self-interest after that... maybe vie for another position somewhere else? Maybe he will simply give up after failing to be re-installed as President & consider it a job well done. Something tells me that he wants commotion in 2012, to keep a stable election from taking place. But he probably doesn't have enough supporters at the present time, to stir up any commotion. So his days in American politics are numbered.

I truly think that he needs to go where-ever it is he feels is "home" and learn to work a trade, and be a good husband to his wife, and father to his kids. I know he wants to be - I can see that in him. But this other political stuff... is a grudge left over from a father that he never knew, but always felt connected with. Barack Obama Senior's cause of anti-colonialism was the source of O Sr's angst. And Obama's hippie mother admired that trait in him so much that when O Sr ditched her (as he did to many women)... she went and married another rabid anti-colonialist. Barry Sotero sooner or later changed his American sounding name, to the dignified name of Barack Hussein Obama. Why? It's not too hard to see. He wanted a heritage. A black, strong, African heritage. And it didn't bother him that this heritage had "Hussein" as the middle name. He's boasted about his middle name since being in office, saying (paraphrasing) "A man named Hussein could get elected to the office of the American president. Imagine what else we could accomplish as a nation."

Salero: "Why are so many of us in such an apocalyptic mood?"

Well, thanks for the care. I think it's because our economy shows serious signs of imploding from the top-down. Wealth may trickle down... but so does poverty. A lot of people are becoming engaged in politics, because they see that it is part of their responsibility to help resolve the problems that WE got ourselves into, in the first place. If we don't resolve our weaknesses (ideological weaknesses, political weaknesses, etc) we can rest assured that there will be plenty of enemies who want to resolve them FOR us... by strategizing how they may fold this-or-that into their control.

God is sending us a wake-up call. This near-depression that we are currently in... is just a taste of things to come if we don't wake up soon.

Your IPad needs electrical power to run. And where does electricity come from? It's time we start realizing that the power that runs our refrigerators, and the power that runs our cars and businesses... is one and the same. And the only reason we have electricity is because someone is working to produce it... and they, too, have interests of their own (like not getting their butts sued off... and being able to turn a profit).

But Mr. Obama, before he was elected said "Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, energy prices would NECESSARILY skyrocket." This is the TYPE of thinker that Obama is. Deep, insightful, and slightly scary.

The fact is that, whether you like or dislike Barack Obama, a vote for Obama IS a vote for legalized gay marriage. We're on the brink, folks.

Obama wants gay marriage. That's why he is vehemently opposing the federal Defense of Marriage Act. If you re-elect him next year, he will hire enough judicial hirelings to give the gay activists exactly what they want.

Once gay marriage is legalized, don't bother pretending that this nation will get a free pass. Sodom and Gomorrah didn't, and we won't either.

Choose well in 2012, Christians. There will be no second chance if you blow it this time.

OH, and incidentally, one of the main reasons to feel 'apocalypitic'. Ahmedinejad (leader if Iran) survived an election by suppressing the results. And then survived two uprisings, primarily because the US was SILENT. He is developing nuclear technology at a very rapid pace, along with missile delivery systems. His country is a sponsor of terrrorism, most notably the "Muslim Brotherhood" which is currently the biggest winner after the Egypt uprising, which Obama supported. But Obama was silent about Iran's two uprisings.

We went to war, and killed the dictator Quadaffi, who was no direct threat to us, without congressional authorization. BUT ... Obama is silent about Iran.

Put two and two together: Iran is developing nukes. AND they are s sponsor of terrorism (the muslim brotherhood spawned bin Laden and Al-Qaida, among others). WHat would happen if UNCONVENTIONAL warfare were to be waged, instead of conventional?

What if, say, we had unprotected borders to the south... and terrorist activity down there (which we have found evidence of... Falsi to Spanish to English manuals). And then add nukes to the mix. Wow. Nice. No...just keep on judging the world based on how Christian Obama is. How insane. The man's policies are what matter. And his policies are rotten. Judge thh man by what he has DONE while in office. He has a 3 year track record to run on.

The real point is: his policies have NOT been favorable to Christians or this nation. SO, even if he is christian (i really doubt it)... I still wouldn't want him working for us in that office. Take him away from that office, and put someone else there. Maybe this country can survive long enough for christians to re-group and get together in this country - and shine a light to the world. Washington DC does not run us. It is there simply as a hold-over to keep foreign influences at bay, while the christians do what they should do here in this land. Live peacefully, righteously, send out missionaries and shine a light. That is what we are supposed to do as a nation. But... we have a president who routinely as APOLOGIZED for America's past and present evils, every chance he gets - without saying much in the way of optimism toward her people. He has called us 'lazy', 'cowards', and 'soft'. Those words were directed toward the whole American people. The "coward" comment was from Holder, the others were recent Obama.

I'm sorry that I ticked a whole bunch of people off, on this board. But c'mon. It seems like a bunch of you just want to play games, and are more political (in the sense of political ANGLING for "your man") than I am.

By the way, in response to the silly and stupid comments above:

It's good to know that Marxist crazies read Christianity Today and respond to its articles.

It gives me comfort to know that those with the anti-christ spirit (not confessing that Jesus has come in the flesh, and is our salvation) are posing as Christians and challenging whether Christians are Christian.

I know that Saul Alinsky teaches this: make them obey their own rules, even if YOU don't believe them. You are simply following your marching orders, trying (however you can, whether by intelligence or stupidity) to mock and ridicule and divide the Christians in this country. Thank you for your illustrations.

Now, go back to playing your "World of Warcraft" in your mothers basement.

Perhaps CT should do a follow-up article on how Christianity is hostile & disdainful toward President Obama.

In light of the events of last week, in which a deluded man from Idaho. Has been charge with attempted assasination, for firing his AK47 at the White House. A year after claiming among other things, to be the modern day Jesus you all been waiting for and that the President is the antichrist.

Responsible and sane people has to ask themselves; Who are these deluded folks posting the same deluded and long-winded palaverous arguments here? Which includes AD-HOMINEN fallacies.

Delusions and hallucinations under the influence of some "spirit", or worse is Not being awaken.

I think CT is acting once more in an irresponsible way by promoting these delusions. Enough nonsense already CT!


Salero, where on earth do you come from? Probably college.

So let me explain:

An evangelical (or 'pentecostal' such as myself) does not believe he is Jesus unless he has an hispanic name, and he really is "Jesus." This guy was NOT a charismatic or pentecostal. I guarantee it. He was rebelling against one of it's most basic and primary ideas. That we must be in obedience to Jesus, but we are not Jesus. This man cannot even be called 'christian'.

What's more, that crazy shooter WAS associated with an "occupy" event. So, you may want to re-think whatever tree you're barking up.

You don't even appear to be able to discern what CHristianity is about, and you see fit to lecture the rest of us - on this website?

By the way, I don't believe in the future 7-year antichrist (futurism). That doctrine first surfaced at the Council of Trent in the COUNTER-Reformation, in order to persuade the protestants of that time that the POPE (PAPACY) was not the antichrist. I am an historicist, and I believe that the "man of sin" is like the man of righteousness, but opposite. And it's fullest, most boastful manifestation IS the Papacy. As an institution, the Papacy is evil... the popes are individuals, and I leave it up to God to judge them.

Jesus is the Head of the Church. There is no other mediator between God and man. Peaceful and loving Christians don't need the law to restrain their actions. I cannot say the same of the occupy events, which are riddled with rapes, violence, and depression.

It's time that the righteous people of God (in this country) stop getting scared of little mice like you. You are not the arbiter of truth. The facts are out there for everyone to see. Obama's own actions, policies, and history... speaks for itself. He considers himself ONE OF the "99%" and threw in his chips with the occupiers. HE is one of them. Congradulations! Your "president" is lawless.

Have we gotten off topic?

True, we're somewhat off-topic. So let's get back on topic with some insights from Bishop Harry Jackson:

"The Chicago church where President Obama belonged for 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ, is theologically liberal, eschewing scriptural inerrancy and taking apostolic creeds as "testimonies" of faith, rather than literally, unchangeably true. The scriptures are seen more as "living documents" than permanent anchors and pillars of faith."

This helps us understand why Obama is hostile to evangelical Christianity, and why he is attempting to open the door to legalized gay marriage.

Obama is hostile towards Republicans, and for many people, including Republicans, that translates into hostility towards evangelical Christians. Thus, Obama is not hostile towards evangelical Christians; only towards those who make up the Republican voting block.

By the way, I never said that christians were persecuted in this country. Obama's supporters threw that notion upon me. But... if the shoe fits, wear it. They come on to a christian website, in support of a man who is shady AT BEST. And then ridicule christians who question Obama's positions, statements, history, and actions. And, in support of their dear leader, these non-christians go about challenging practically every christian who disagrees with them (even though many of them don't even profess to be christian - and betray themselves). You support our faux-President Obama (President, but he doesn't act like one) by mocking the christians on this site, but you say that christians are wrong for feeling a rising persecution when you mock them in favor of a SITTING PRESIDENT (who is attempting to make drastic changes to world politics). We have a right to be wary. We have a right to speak. We have a right to question. You even mock the article that sparked this conversation. Most of you mockers (scoffers) did not come on this website to learn. You came here to spy on the enemy - for some of you are not christian by any stretch. YOu simply want to know what's going on in "the religious world" and how it alignes or doesn't align with your politics. And if it doesn't align, you demean it. But we shouldn't respond? The sooner the Obama contingent goes silently into the night, the better. But for now, these radicals are at least provoking us to think deeper. If they gain control (and they already have a lot of coordinated power and control)... then woa to the world, let alone America. Right now, we are crashing, because of people like them.

Why is CT allowing one individual commentator to monopolize the discussion on this forum? Why must the rest of us be subjected to one long rant after another when it only serves to shed more heat than light on the entire discussion?

I am disappointed that the CT editorial staff has not corrected some of the misconceptions with truth leaving to others. See the "Christian lawyer and Airforce - Samaritan's Purse responses. I am sure, also that CT knows all the research out there that suggests the reasons why evangelicals are walking away from their churches, and why others, especially young people are not flocking to them- and it has nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with the unholy mingling of politics - one party, and religion; and everything to do with the fact that there are two main issues - abortion and homosexuality. Folks see poverty, greed, materialism, racism, a lack of really walking the walk (check the stats for yourselves on evangelicals and abortion, divorce, etc.)while proclaiming primacy - . To blame Obama for this ??? Doesn't the Bible say something about holding up a mirror to yourself. All this right wing profundity seems to be directly opposite of the humility, the self emptying when God became a baby- and the lack of interest in love and Truth seems to deny the very One whom they purport to follow. Disappointed in you CT. for giving voice to this kind of statement on your pages.

Velma, perhaps that one lone poster is speaking up for hundreds of us who are afraid to be ridiculed by the left, as we always are. You silence our voices but our votes will not be silenced (as long as they are fair, which is doubtful under this current administration).

Amen. We are blessed to have a pastor that tells the truth. God will be coming for believers very soon, and it will be like the Bible says "Didn't I call you Lord", and He'll reply "I never knew you". They have eyes but do not see, and it's sad. So many are so vocal, and they don't have a clue.

Aw shucks. Thanks Chrissy! I am a pastor, but not by title. I have a circle of friends, that includes some pastors - and I talk to them. All that matters, is that we speak the truth in love. Even if it takes confrontation, and enduring a little bit of criticism.

About 20 years ago Mr Obama's church, the United Church of Christ, adopted a non-trinitarian statement of faith. This dosen't necessarily mean that Mr. Obama is not a Christian, but it raises legitimate concerns. His championing of homosexuality and abortion also raises possible problems. I hope the president is a Christian, but I will leave such judgements ultimately up to God.

Urban legends that have been debunked time and again, old wives tales, tall tales, mixed with Nationalism, elitism and a good dose of Worldly politics. Is always a galvanizing element for delluded people who can't see beyond their lenses.

Good try though!

Now where did you left Jesuchrist in all of that?

Never mind He is not neccesary for Fanatism.

And of course responsible and sane people (better if they're real christians).

Have to wonder and ask themselves; Who is pulling the strings of the so called "conservative nation" movement and from Where?

One tiny little hint to figure out at least from where if not who. From the other place that is not Heaven and it's throne on Earth the Vatican.


While abortion is certainly one of the many Evils in a corrupt, decadent and perverted Society, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

What is really below the surface, swept under the carpet by the artfully constructed rhetoric of "conservatives/neo-christians" is that Adultery and Fornication are the reasons why so many are conceived but Not wanted-killed.

Adultery and Fornication are sins also. Remember that? Ever read that in the Bible? Or do you think that Americans have been issued a License from God?

Good Lord in Heaven, it is even spreading all over in the churches, among the new generation of neo and pseudo-christians.

There was a recent article right here in CT last week about it.

Murder is also a Sin, so is Slander, Lewdness, Debauchery, Covetousness which is as bad as Idolatry and Theft and of course let's Not forget that the Love of Money is the Root of Many Evils. For many this is the biggest stumbling block because they care too much about their Stomachs and how to fill it!

All of the above and much more is part of the daily lifestyle of a Greco-roman culture.


Unlike Lincoln, Obama is not a visionary, but a skillful orator,by which he ushers in Abortion & Gay agendas disregarding Spiritual considerations, that these types of choices & liberties end up in enslaving the Spirit. Being a non visionary, which is having non creative ideas, becomes a borrower, which he has done from Pagan beliefs, except that such beliefs are brought up from the dustbins of Time as new wine. This clearly indicates that the Characteristics of a Christian are absent in him, thus is a Pagan.

@Abey. The characteristics of Christianity are absent from almost everyone those site; therefore, I declare you all pagans. A more complete list will follow.

Before anyone can take anything that Tony Perkins says he should be made to explain why he allowed himself to take $4 million from Jack Abramoff so that he could prevent a casino from getting a license to compete with one that was a client of jack Abramoff.

Tony Perkins has no credibility to describe what is christian or not in the light of his political activities and his ability to talk like a politician, even though he is not as good as Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich on being on both sides of the same issue according to the audience or circumstances.

I believe that classifying the words of Tony Perkins as serious christian commentary would be like asking an jihadist to teach us about love.

If the bible is to be the guide, and the words of the Lord jesus are to be the final authority, then we need to ask Tony Perkins and even others like James Dobson (whom I revered 30 years ago) to refresh themselves on what Jesus said, "By this shall men know that you are my disciples, that you love one another". If that standard is missing, then the world has the right to question the discipleship of the one loudly proclaiming it.

There is probably more negativism exhibited by groups such as Family Research Council than the positives shown by the current Obama Administration!