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April 16, 2012

Will Evangelicals Vote for a Mormon Candidate?

If past elections predict future results, many evangelicals will likely vote for Mitt Romney.

With Rick Santorum out of the Republican contest for the presidential nomination and Mitt Romney all but the official nominee, the political question of the moment is whether evangelicals will support Romney in the general election.

In the general election, most Republican evangelicals will likely vote for Romney, based on previous elections. Overall, around two-thirds of evangelical voters are expected to vote Romney in the general election. In head to head between Romney and President Obama, 72 percent of evangelicals would vote for Romney, compared to 25 percent who would vote for Obama, according to Pew. Just 21 percent of evangelicals approve of Obama, compared to 51 percent of Americans.


Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, told NPR that evangelical voters would support Romney, particularly when the opponent is President Obama.

“I think that people have to understand that being for Rick Santorum does not necessarily mean you're anti-Romney,” Land said. “And against Barack Obama, it will not be very difficult at all for Mr. Romney to garner the support of both the evangelicals, unless he were to do something catastrophic, like pick a pro-choice running mate, which I don't think he's going to do.”

Land also noted that evangelicals often supported Romney. While most of Rick Santorum's supporters were evangelical, most evangelicals did not vote for Santorum. The former Pennsylvania senator would have been doomed without the support of social conservatives. But most evangelicals voted for other candidates, including Romney.

Romney did very well among evangelicals in New England, but received less support in the South. In the battleground states like Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin, Romney received around 40 percent of the evangelical Republican vote.

Gary Bauer, president of American Values, was one of Santorum's supporters who told the New York Times said that he will now support Romney.

“Going to the general election, I will do everything I can for Governor Romney,” Bauer said. “But his campaign has got to make it easy for me to help them, and not make it hard by being tempted to pull back on conservative issues.”

But what may count most is the support of activists who run the phone banks, knock on doors, and give money. Ralph Reed told CNN that Romney may be able to count on votes, but he needs the grassroots support, too.

"Mitt Romney will win the support of evangelicals and conservatives because his opponent is Barack Obama. But he needs the grassroots enthusiasm of activists who are for him, not just against Obama," Reed said.

Mark DeMoss, an evangelical publicist and a senior advisor to the Romney campaign, told the Huffington Post that the campaign has already been contacted by evangelical political leaders and may convene a summit to discuss issues and build support for the general election.

"I'm optimistic that things are coming together nicely behind Mitt Romney and could do so fairly quickly," DeMoss said. Social conservatives will need to convince Romney that he needs their support. Many live in southern states where Romney should be able to win with or without their enthusiastic support. Social conservatives failed to show that they were capable of mobilizing voters in the Republican primary. Just before the South Carolina primary, leaders from political groups with evangelical constituencies met in Texas to coalesce around a candidate, picking Santorum. A week later, most evangelicals in South Carolina voted for Newt Gingrich.


Isn't it amazing that we get to live in a time where we have a say in our politics. Can you imagine if the Egyptians in the time of Moses could have just voted Pharaoh out?


Of course we will vote for Romney. Can you name any country that has become marxist and where Christianity and marxism co-exist? There is already a list of over 20 anti-Christian acts this president has done, including burning Bibles overseas (just don't burn qarans that have secrets written inside of them). If he is allowed 4 more years, people will really find out what it's like to live in a anti-Christian country. Like he said, there's no stopping him if he wins the election because he doesn't have future elections to worry about. The Supreme Court will be a literal nightmare for many years if he is allowed to make any more judicial selections. People proved they weren't prejudiced when they voted at the last election, now is the time to prove they aren't stupid.

The comment concerning President Obama is so vile and yet it sadly reflects why much of the American evangelical community is perceived so badly. A number of Christianity Today contributors have offered counter points which have obviously been ignored. Too bad such I'll informed opinions persist. Marxist!!!! Really???

Why would I vote for Romney when I can vote for a Christian with a 30 year record of defending the Constitution in Ron Paul? It greatly saddens me that my favorite publication (CT) continues to be a pawn for the political elite. Neither Romney or Obama represent real change.

Godly people will vote for the liberal Christian incumbent. Godly people will vote for the uber-small-government candidate (Mr. Paul, increasingly my personal choice). Godly people will vote for the big government, polytheistic rich guy.

None of them is the antiChrist (that was Nero). None of them will usher in the kingdom of God (it's already been brought near by a certain Nazarene Carpenter).

Godly people, look at the issues. Pray a bunch. Vote your consciences (and not your pastor's conscience!). Then be at peace.

This is definitely going to be a difficult election for me to participate. I will not under any circumstance vote for Obama and I'm having trouble voting for a non-christian candidate like Romney. I'm a republican but first I'm a christian and cannot back someone who does not accept Christ as God and who believes that everyone will evolve into a god. It looks more and more that I will pass this one up. I know that the sovereign God that I believe in will put the candidate that he has already determined and no one can change that.

Since the evangelical church has become a virtually wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP, evangelicals will vote for whomever the GOP chooses, whether or not he is a priest/bishop/pastor of a non-Christian "church", and whether or not he ever explains what he believes and practices. Conservative ideology has been elevated over adherence to the teachings of Jesus.

The great German theologian, Martin Luther,said it best with this political comment. With the assumption we are talking about a good civil government, I would rather vote for a competent Muslim than an incompetent Christian.

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the evangelical church is going to follow Romney's request that no one talk or about questions about his religion, beliefs or practices. It's "off limits", as Senator Hatch, fellow Mormon, has declared. Now there is no limit as to inquiries into the president's religion, because, after all, he attended a black church with a black pastor for 20 years, or is a Muslim, or both, or was born in Kenya, or Indonesia, or something. Going to a black Pentecostal church is bad, going to "temple" is good. This is where the current leadership is taking people.

While I can understand the issue of pro-life and pro-family, I have a hard time understanding how biblical Christians can “marry” their witness to the atheistic philosophy of Ayn Rand. This is what influences the Paul Ryan budget which is embraced by Romney. Why are so many white American evangelicals abandoning history (e.g. William Jennings Bryan’s opposition to the teaching of evolution was out of concern it would lead to the practice of social Darwinism); and also abandoning the concern for the poor widely embraced by Latino, African-American and other evangelicals around the world? How can the words of Jesus, such as those in Luke 16:19-31, and in so many other passages, simply be ignored?

I will be voting for Obama who, apart from his views on abortion, more closely reflect my Christian values of caring for the least of these, working in community, etc. At least his Health Care plan does not cover abortions, whereas Romney's plan in my home state of Mass. (which he stated he proudly supported and had read every page) covers abortion for any reason with a $50 copay. (!) Many of my Republican Christian friends were adamantly opposed to Romney in the last election, saying they could never vote for someone who was pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, believed Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers, and is a high leader of a cult. Now, rather, than vote for Obama, they seem to be denying their strongly stated beliefs of just 4 years ago. Personally, I wouldn't oppose someone on the basis of their religious belief, but this new Evangelical support for Romney comes across as a compromise of once-strongly held beliefs, in order to avoid higher taxes or help those less fortunate. Very puzzling to me.

Any person who, for reasons of conscience, feels that he cannot support Gov. Romney because of his Mormon faith should be honest enough to apply the same selection criteria when considering President Obama.

Romney may get evangelical "anybody but Obamav" votes but is unlikely to inspire their active support. Belonging to a theological cult is only part of his problem. His lack of appeal to conservatives comes from his extremely liberal record and image as a heartless wall street high roller. As a conservative independent, I'm deeply concerned about who the real Mitt Romney really is.

Since "voting" is NOT a Commandment from God, neither is necessary to Enter God's KINGDOM. I don't have an obligation to vote.

But if I do, I have to consider which of the 2 is the best swimming shark in the tank. I will Not be voting for a Pastor or Minister of a church, neither will I be voting (If I do) for an Elder, Deacon or Presbyter of any church.

Much to the contrary of the belief of many, the Nation and the Church are NOT one and the same. The difference between the first and the latter, is like the difference between Heaven and Hell.


Look up black liberation theology and you'll quickly find out it isn't Christianity either. Don't just attack my words. Research and look up his old church, and look up the word's of Wright's past sermons. There's NO doubt that it's black liberation theology. It won't be covered by the media either.

bethany, I hope you'll research "obamacare" before voting, because it does cover abortions. People will have to pay a whole dollar more per month for the premium plan. Just research it, and you'll find out quickly that abortions are covered. I would hardly expect different from a president that voted 3 times for infanticide while in the Illinois senate (it had the same exact wording of the national bill, despite his lying attempts to say the wording was different-they weren't, they were identical).

Do you know his plan requires everyone to have an RFID chip implanted by the year 2014?

Do you know that in this so-called "healthcare" plan, obama will establish a national police force, answerable only to him? It's not called a "police" force, but that's what it is, and you can research that also.

Ken: Thank you. I do. The president is quite open about his profession of faith. Gov. Romney refuses to discuss his faith. What does he believe? In whom does he believe? This is important.

I will be voting for Pres. Obama, Romney doen't share my Christian worldview. Pres. Obama professes Jesus Christ as his savior and has talked about his faith in Christ several times, even under the the claim that he's a Muslim. Romney won't even talk about his Mormon faith

Really, the list can go on and on about how obama's actions clearly show that he is not a Christian, in fact he is anti-Christian and he is a marxist who would love to do away with the Constitution, because it hinders him. He has said "it is in his way".Just today, Obama's own lawyer said that obama's birth certificate is a forgery. This is not some conspiracy or a joke, it's a fact. Ms. Alexandra M. Hill of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi & Webster Attorneys in Newark, New Jersey told the judge that because the birth certificate is clearly a forgery, it cannot be used as evidence to prove that Mr. Obama is ineligible to appear on the primary ballot..Do you see any irony here? Remember William Ayers, obama's terrorist friend whose parents very likely put obama through college. Are you really going to think he is so benign when you're required to accept an RFID chip by 2014 to receive medical care? Is it really benign that he is going to have a new police form (with a word other than police, that is answerable only to obama? Sounds like the brown shirts? You bet! It's in the "healthcare" plan too, but with a different name.

Yes of course. I would not vote for a man or women if they were not a moral person. I would like to vote for a great leader that is a Christian but this may not be possible. I think we have no right to judge a Mormon if he or she is a Christian. That is God's job. I do not accept Mormon Theology or history or their version of Biblical truth. But as to their place before God is not my postion to say anything. I would much rather support a Mormon who protects unborn babies that Obama who will not support medical care for a baby who lives through an abortion. Charles Riley

I was at a national meeting in March of this year and someone asked the speakers if a Christian could vote for a Morman. The speakers all said "Yes, we are electing a commander in chief not a theologian in chief." This November we will have a choice between a Republican Morman or a Democrat agnostic. If this is a difficult choice for you you have not been paying attention.

I know some that won't vote for Romney because of his religion. That may not be what people want to hear but it is what it is.


So then my question is; Who appears to be the BEST Swimming Shark in the tank or in the Water?


david, you are right on target, and it's amazing how blind everyone is. The Bible tells us that it will be like this in the end times, and that people will be blind to the truth. Some people actually want to call this president a Christian, when in reality, he follows black liberation theology. Just go to his old church's website, just read old sermons from Wright, you'll have your proof. And that theology has a totally different gospel, and a totally different Jesus. White people are hated because they are white. Research it instead of calling names.

Almost nobody seems to know about the NDAA he signed into law. Obama can arrest any citizen, lock them up for an indeterminate time (forever), remove their citizenship, send them off to ANY country, and the person NEVER gets as much as a trial. Obama can do this to ANYONE for ANYTHNG. Nobody has to know the reason except for obama. And people think he is some nice, Christian man? He can easily be a Stalin or Pol Pot or Hitler for the next 4 years if he is re-elected. It might not even be an "if", the polls are probably already rigged like they were in Chicago when he first ran for senate in Illinois. For those interested, you might want to read in the Chicago Tribune how he won his first election. Let's just say that Christianity and honesty had NOTHING to do with it. People don't know what is going on and need to read about what he has been doing before it's too late-if it isn't too late already.

People blame Bush for unlawful detainment and torture, well guess what, it has only accelerated under this president. He hasn't taken anyone out of Gitmo like he said he would, in fact, he has made it possible to have many "gitmos" , all over the world, for any citizens he chooses to. And who has he named as possible terrorists in the future? Veterans, Christians, conservatives, gun owners, people who have part of a finger missing (yes, it's true), and TEA party members. The soldier who turned out to be an islamic terrorist was arrested not for terrorism for killing several soldiers, while yelling out praises to the moon god allah, but for "workplace related stress". Why? Obviously because he's muslim. The way obama declares whites wrong immediately, before a trial, shows his true feelings towards those who aren't black or muslim. How long do you think it will be before the muslim extremest terrorist will have a trial? It will be put off as long as possible while obama is in office. The last thing he wants it to put a muslim on trial while he is in office. His staff can't use the term "muslim" or "terrorist" or "extremest" But little 3 and 4 year olds go through major screenings with strangers patting their private parts in TSA screenings. I have yet to see a picture of a muslim appearing person going through a TSA screening,

There is a sad quote from obama that would be almost funny, if not for how outrageously he has acted as if he were a dictator instead of a president, and it shows a typical lie.
"The biggest problems we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not through Congress at all. And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States." What a joke, but it's not funny, we've all been lied to hundreds or thousands of times from this man. Please read and research this man before you vote for him.

Let's see.....Utah has one of the lowest levels of crime, poverty, divorce, children out of wedlock, etc., etc....

Shouldn't Evangelicals LIKE this?

Considering that Mormons are the fourth largest denomination in the US, and will surpass the United Methodists in a few years as the membership trends in each church continue, isn't it about time to actually learn aboyt what your fellow Americans actually believe rather than pass along juicy gossip that bears false witness against your neigjbor?

Mitt Romney served ten years as an unpaid leader of Mormon congregations in Boston, devoting 20 to 30 hours a week to leading church services, organizing church activities, and counseling with members over unemployment, illness, marital difficulties, and spiritual questions. He provided food and financial aid to those in need, including immigrants from Haiti and refugees from Cambodia. He did this during the time he was establishing his company, Bain Capital. Most businessmen would put all their time into ensuring the business succeeded, but Romney gave priority to raising hia five sons and serving his neighbirs, all with no financial compensation. Which of you Christians has given that level of service to your fellow man?

Romney spoke about the importance of freedom of religion in America in a major speech at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library four years ago. You might want to look it up begore saying he never sppke on this topic.

Romney did NOT support same sex marriage in Massachusetts. That was a cteation of the state supreme court, and the Democratic legislature refused to take any action to overturn the ruling despite Rombey's suppirt for doing so. Romney was successful in preventing gays from YOUR home state from going to Massachusetts to get "married" so they could then challenge the marriage laws in YOUR state.

When Romney headed Bain Capital, the teenage daughter of one of his partners disappeared while visiting New York City with friends. Ro,ney shut down the company and took all the Bain employees to New York where they set up a command post and used their business contacts to offer a reward for information and distribute flyers with her picture all over the city. They wete put on the street every day asking people to help find her. Within a week, a tip came in, and they wete able to find her and rescue her from the drigs that had been used on her. They saved her life. Romney was a good samaritan.

That funny story about Romney putting the family dog on top of the car when they went on vacation--think about it: Romney was driving himself in a station wagon with five boys cross country for several days. He did not fly in a private jet. They did not even fly commercial. He did the driving himself. They had no nanny, Ann raised the.boys herself. They went to church with people rich and poor, highly educated and barely conversant in English.

(bj deleted ad)

A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is...this election is nothing more than satan vs satan...satan is flipping a two-headed coin with his face on both sides.....God is done with this nation...remember..the lesser of two evils..is EVIL

First off the declaration of faith, or lack thereof, of a candidate should not matter in the choosing of a political leader. Actions should so look at the candidates and decide who best fits your world view and your vision of what kind of country and world you want to live in. However, the lies that continue to be spewed about our current President's faith and character are appalling and some folks on here really need to examine their own hearts closely. Cheryl, I really think you might need medical help. Meanwhile, stay of the hate-filled internet sites you are so obviously quoting verbatim. If in doubt remember Paul's advice: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8

When one observes President Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic. But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he has equally targeted traditional Protestant beliefs over the past four years. So since he has attacked Catholics and Protestants, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Christian. But that, too, would be inaccurate. He has been equally disrespectful in his appalling treatment of religious Jews in general and Israel in particular. So perhaps the most accurate description of his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews, and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as anti-Biblical. And then when his hostility toward Biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-Biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions.


I have never heard what it is about voting for a Mormon that makes some folks get all wound up. Just what is it that a Mormon president will do that is so un-American or even un-Christian?

If the issue is that Mormons would have greater acceptability in the eyes of the nation and thus have greater proselytizing success is one thing. That assumes people who feel that way are concerned about Mormon missionaries making off with their congregants. If so I suggest those pastors ought to do a better job and then they wouldn't have to worry.

People with theological differences can make their case in a respectful and scholarly manner as Christ did when he taught.

I wonder if those who say they will vote for Obama because of his open profession of faith were critical of George W. Bush's professions of his faith.

Yes! of course we will vote for Mitt Romney.
He has really good economic credentials and is a wonderful example of family representation.
You don't like Mormon? I don't like that either.
But in the past we have elected Theists, Unitarians, Catholics, agnostics, drunkards, adulterers, possibly even a Muslim (if not at least a racist).
Let's not leave out an army of Episcopalians and what they have become.

I think we can stand a Mormon whose general qualifications look outstanding.

It is not moral to lie or to repeat lies when you know them not to be true, and Obama's lawyer never said that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. You can search through the article and through the transcript and you will not find her saying the word "forged" or "forgery"--or anything like them.

Christians should follow their faith and conscience. Mormonism is a (religious though not socialogical) cult (a branch that deviates from orthodox faith) and Romney is a Bishop leader in the Mormon church. He is not a Christian.
Not only should Christians separate state from religion. Christians should also separate their faith from the GOP which is a political party, nor allow the GOP to dictate to them how they should cast their vote.
The US Presidency is a position with global influence. Much good or evil is generated from this office with serious consequences for both the world and the American people.
Christians should know better after 2 thousand years of christian teachings, there is no room for compromising.

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Lou, did you actually verify those figures or did you just make guesses? I know of a couple states at least, with better statistics. Utah is ranked 10th highest in child abuse, so no, it's far from being the perfect haven they would like it to be. I hate it when people just make their own statistics up and then I have to research them and it turns out to be a bunch of croc.

I think I'm close to making my decision who to vote for. If I vote at all! I will put my Internet nickname, "Salero21" in the ballot, I invite all to do so; Just kidding!

Now to more serious matters. It appears to me that BO may well be the best swimming Shark in the Tank! Since he's a Lawyer anyway and lawyers have been called "sharks" for awhile now. However Investors are also called "Sharks", like in the TV show of the name.

Now, MR is purportedely an Economist, so I heard, I've not checked him in Wikipedia yet. I also know mormonism to be a NON-christian american cult. I also know the good old US of A, to be just about the Biggest Nest of cults, false prophets and teachers the history of the world has ever know.

I'll be back!


I would question the Utah statistics as far as unwed pregnancies are concerned. When my daughter was in grade school she had a best friend who was Mormon and the mother and I had a carpool and one day she brought along a young woman who was pregnant and said she was just visiting. After the baby was born she quit visiting and went back home. I suspect that the Mormons have a highly organized and efficient way of dealing with this issue and probably have lots of babies for adoption to Mormon families. That's ok by me as at least they are dealing responsibly with the results of their position on abortion) So please don't tout those statistics with such confidence. As a Christian and a Protestant I know that the Mormon religion looks upon me as not a true Christian and so my question to Romney is how do I tolerate such intolerance? I strongly object to the idea that Mormons can convert/baptize me after my death even if, like Ann Romney's father, I am stronly opposed to their religion. I will vote for President Obama as I believe he has a moral core. I also think it's for God to decide who is following His way.

For every dollar a US Billionaire puts in their

wallets, on average, 16 US Citizens starve to

death on the streets or commit suicide because of

a total lack of money, work, and opportunity.
Do the People in the USA who claim to be

Republican have a red line here? Will it be

enough when 30 million of their friends,

neighbors, children, and grandchildren die of

starvation? Will 40 million be enough?

When will they realize no matter how much they

aspire to become the 1%, and wish to preserve

their right to do so, they will never obtain that

murderous distinction, and that it is at the

expense of their own civility that they continue


When will they admit they are being fed poison by

people, like Mitt Romney, who claim to be leaders

and media outlets, like fox News; all who only

serve the true 1% Billion and Trillionaires; that

seek only to enslave the enitrety of humanty?

GOP'ers, you would do well by us all, your

children and grandchildren included, to turn down

the screaming TV and Radio talking heads, put on

your bifocals and read anything at all on Growth

of Income Disparity and War profittering by these

supposed leaders. Would 50 million be enough?


REUTERS, and others who will block commenters

that do not support their agendas.

Mr Romney was a Missionary..a Bishop ..holds the Priesthood..(still does)..and is not someone who merely showed up a few times a year at church.He has said openly he had a pastoral type of role in his Ward or stake)Missionars teach DOCTRINE...Blacks being cursed in the pre existence was TAUGHT..and never recanted or denounced..not 300 years ago..just about 30 years ago.It is taught ALL denoiminations were an abomination ( yep...that means YOU evangelical people)..hence this is why Joseph SMith got his *revelation* and STARTED the Mormon.church...Have you asked any LDS lately when did you STOP being an abomination? That the LDS is the only TRUE religion? Have you heard THAT lately from any Mormon? How about Mr Romney believes some day he will be a GOD and exalted that way? Maybe a little more checking and researching will help many...maybe PAUSE before you make an UNINFORMED choice and then SAY you are solely behind Christ.

I am not a mormon, but I know quite a bit about them. People keep making a big point out of the fact that Romney is a "priest". ALL male mormons 12 and older are in the priesthood, so it's not like being a pastor or something, it's just something that male mormons become after classes. Males are ALL priests. As for the role of bishop, it is not like a Catholic bishop at all. The male members of the local stake (they do not meet in their temples, they meet at stakes), take turns "being the bishop". The bishop oversees the member's tithing and other duties. That's it, they aren't given the role of bishop for life or anything, it's just a temporary job that is rotated among male members in good standing.

anony, your post will lose attention when you say things that are so outrageously wrong. Perhaps with that many people *starving* to death in the US, you could point to one article about all of this starvation. The US has a gigantic welfare system with food stamps, medicaid for health care for the poor, section 8 for housing, and on and on. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to have some real facts. Most of the poor people in the US are actually overweight.

It truly is amazing to hear the "rationalization" from those who claim to be Christians, yet are voting for Romney. Most of their reasoning is that President Obama is Christian enough......well Romney's not Christian at all! Those who constant question President Obama's faith in Christ ( even after he's professed it several times) really need to check their own faith. How is it they can cast it a-side so easily and cast a vote for a person who has never profess faith in Jesus Christ as his savior, yet confesses his allegiance to a false god and belief system. Do you really think God will be pleased with that?

I get the point, he's not OBAMA so evangelicals will vote for him. What I don't understand is why Christians think if you vote for a "chritian" president it's better. In realiy, a "born-again" presiedent may not be as good a leader or make the right decisions. Example, George W Bush who allowed the first goveremtn bail outs, or Jimmy Carter, who is a great man, but was a lousy president. He gave away the Panama Canal, he had no idea how to handle the hostage crisis, and under him the military was in shambles. I am pleased when a candidate confessed his faith in Jesus, but I don not base my vote on that. If Santorim got in and attempted to make policy as a right wing evangelical then legalism would about as well and no common sense.

I am not voting for him(Romney) and I am a born again Christian...I feel if one truly PRACTICES what he says he believes, then yes, doctrine is all important on most issues...because what we believe affects how we live our lives..If some deeply held beliefs on many issues , which are at the core of our character, are over the top...in my estimation there just isnt much wiggle room on that kind of thing...example? Claiming you will be a GOD someday is a deal breaker,not if you approve the Ryan plan on spending..why? It is a CORE belief that Christians believe men will not become Gods, and the very ones who say they will be, are showing something I feel is non negotiable.
Some may say"well I have to vote for SOMEONE.....I can't NOT vote in a specific election because I am not happy with either candidate...because one guy will win anyhow" That is faulty reasoning to me...My PERSONAL stance is such that if I had someone say "Choose between Molech or Baal" in ancient Israel...I could not choose either as a follower of God. For all those who say the lesser of two evils is still evil..true...and I Dont have to throw my VOTE behind someone as an active participant in a choice like that if I dont honestly feel its right.
In other words, we all must decide what our deal breaker is.....for me? To claim to someday you will be a GOD is it.Case closed. I dont care if the hair is combed nice and the dog is happy and the kids all have pretty teeth etc etc ...that is a core belief I dont feel there is any room to wiggle on.

I also wanted quickly to respond to the comment about Black liberation theology....Many dont realize Obama got OUT of that church and denounced Mr Wright a few years back...they still think he is part of that church...not so...just as I had a neighbor who attended a Unitarian church for years and not until she became born again, did she realize some serious problems with the theology.People can and do change..people can renounce past behavior and past beliefs and when they are wrong..they get out.
Obama did. ANother Jehovahs witness relation who became a Christian also did get out...I applaud anyone who sees something seriously wrong...and I dont care WHO points it out..if.something terrible is amiss and they get OUT and not justify, smokescreen and sweep under the rug what they DID believe..I count it as courageous actually.Iknow black liberation theology BTW...WHen you have someone however who never recanted, repented, denounces or even wants to EXPLAIN such things...then HMMMMMMMMM...there is a problem.You see, as Christians we always offer forgiveness and hopefully understanding and second chances to those who see they have been wrong....but when you don't see ANY sorrow, disgust or even dimay at such things..then hey...to each his own.I am far more dismayed at the *leaders* of mega churches who are willing to promote and overlook some foundational Christian teachings because they can't stand Obama.
Interestingly quite a few pastors believe Obama IS Christian and with the BIBLICAL Jesus...and not once have I heard the President say he will be a God. Check out Utah Lighthouse Ministry people.....and get an eyeful

Well I guess I will admit I am not in the reading of the heart business...even less will I claim that someones motives for leaving any church..I will leave that to the One who does it best, and we go down a slippery slope when we assume we can say that WE can decide why they left.Maybe as Christians we can try THIS idea...God can work in someones heart and lead then out in HIS due time and use who he chooses..more than a few prisoners, thieves, con artists and prostitutes have come out...even Chuck Colson had a conversion and was as slippery as an eel at one time ... The trickier aspect to all of this is this current notion of the Constitution having almost a religious hold on some folks..I see people who can recite the Preamble and can't name the twelve apostles...they have a bad case of Judas-itis..TRULY thinking thatthey are going to get this country back on track by political means like Judas believed and sort of make a pseudo Christian nation in the attempt.And trying to make a non Christian to ACT like a Christian is like trying to make a pig sing opera...the music is bad and the pig is agitated.
As to the media..Look..actually, have worked as a writer. This whole mainstream media *bias* is a joke.Sure if you are a follower of some truly conservative cable channels you'd think we are on the brink of disaster media wise..BUT the majority of people read LOCAL papers and watch LOCAL news. EVery person in some tiny town in Louisiana and out west in a small boonytown isn't flying to the store to grab the New York Times or Washington Post..Most read whats LOCAL and frankly THERE is your worry at times...because MOST towns and small rural areas are more conservative in their views versus liberal.
The ones who buy into the MAINSTREAM media conspiracy are usually overwhelmingly influenced by ahem....Fox etc etc etc. And as for Christians?( which is wha my point is).. some of us want Gods kingdom on earth...by any means possible, though no where does the Bible teach it is possible OR desirable to attain it that way...PSSSSST....Christianity is BOOMING in countries where Christians are under often severe persecution, like in China.We here have often gotten so complacent and lazy in our faith...we are willing to put into leadership roles..someone who says they will someday be a GOD....and put the Constitution up almost on teh same platform as the Bible..and I loe my country.But what I am saying isthe truth.There is something wrong when the Bill of Rights holds more sway than if a person claims they will be God.Just my opinion.

American Christians have a clear choice in 2012.

Vote for Mitt Romney, or vote for Legalized Gay Marriage. Period. You know that's the truth.

Sure, Romney's not perfect. But Christians may find him a heckuva lot more palatable than Divine Judgment!!!

Romney's Mormonism doesn't disqualify him as a presidential candidate.

But his flip-flopping on most issues, his conduct as a candidate, telling one lie after another against whoever his opponent is (Santorum, Gingrich, and now Obama), as well as his embrace of the Ryan budget, also known as the plan to cut Medicare and just about everything the government does for people so that the rich can enjoy yet another massive tax cut, certainly do disqualify him as a presidential candidate.

If it has come to his kind of sentiment..then we are all in trouble.We all have deal breakers..for some...A man claiming he will be a GOD isnt one of them.Yet some of the folks here who STILL worry about whether our President is an American..is laughable.He is....that birther nonsense is why so many people are running from Tea party types, right wing extremists and those who would put someone with these beliefs in the highest office in the land. In the Bible..the three Hebrew children wouldn't bow to the king because they followed God.They wound up on the furnace for it.SOme folks thoughwho CLAIM they love God, would and ARE bowing to the altar of secular spirituality,,,and I will say it again..if the choice was Barabbas or Jesus..and they could 5 bucks more in their pocket from Barabbas..they would be with that crowd...The saddest thing is the fact your justificatisons are no different than many that were condemned byGod before.

I'm a Christian and I will vote for Ramney look what people voted for a guy that for 20 years was a member of a church that was antiwhite and spoke of hate. Obama is not a christian he does not defend the unborn and protects the Coram from being burn and says nothing when the Bible is being burn. Forgot to mention that I am also a Latina. My family and I can't wait to cast the vote in 2012 for the Republican president.

I am a Chinese Christian lives in US. I will not vote for Ramney. He many be a true Christian and will have more friendly policies to Christians. However, what he represents is a CULT organization. I would rather be persecuted (which the Bible has already told us our future)than sending my only vote to people who deny our Lord Jesus is God. I love US and this nation can not change its God.

Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2011
Fuller Theological Seminary (largest evangelical graduate theological school in the world.) President Richard J. Mouw, “…I have studied and taught about cults for many years. I have also spent the last dozen years meeting with Mormons — scholars and church leaders — to engage in lengthy theological discussions. These dialogues have included several other prominent evangelical Christian leaders… Based on these conversations and my own careful study, I do not believe Mormonism is a cult… I have also learned that in some matters we are not quite as far apart as I once thought… … I find Mormons to be more Christ-centered… Those of us who have made the effort to engage Mormons in friendly and sustained give-and-take conversations have come to see them as good citizens whose life of faith often exhibits qualities that are worthy of the Christian label,”

Being a good "citizen" does not a good Christian make.
Also, has Obama ever stated that Jesus is his Lord and Savior? Has he ever said that Jesus is God? Has he ever referred to the HOLY Bible, or only to the "Holy Qaran" which he has said MANY TIMES. He said the call to prayer for muslims is the most beautiful thing to hear.

@yichi, while running for office in 2008, and while in office, obama has said many times “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation." I searched the internet and could not find any references that had obama calling the Bible "holy", but you can find MANY references to obama calling the qaran "holy". Would you call the qaran "holy"? The book that gives instuctions to kill all Jews and Christians, and tells men how to beat their wives, etc? You can find many references to obama mocking the Bible if you do a simple search.

While in his 20's and starting to get inspired about being in politics, he began to attend a local church called "Trinity United Church of Christ" in Chicago. If you check out the church, you will see that it does not follow the beliefs of the UCC. It is there that he said he became a Christian. If you research that particular church, and the pastor who was there for the 25 years he was there, the church actually taught Black Liberation Theology. Black Liberation Theology is a cult, and is definitely not Christian! Please research what the followers of black liberation theology believe, it is a cult with a hatred of whites and America. Pastor Wright, who obama called "his spiritual mentor" routinely talked about hatred of white people and America. This was reported on by "Investors Business Daily" many months before the rest of the US media covered it, and obama did not stop having an association with the church or the pastor when only that one paper announced it. Obama attended that church for 25 years and did not begin to distance himself from Wright until the NIGHT BEFORE his February 2007 announcement of his presidential candidacy.
Obama deliberately left out the words "by their Creator" on several occasions when quoting from The Declaration of Independence. Why would a "Christian" president deliberately remove the words "by their Creator"? And ask yourself this: how is obama helping the Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, who are being terribly persecuted?
I have read about Romney, and from his political statements, he would be standing up for the Christians and would pressure them to stop killing the Christians. Instead, this week, obama is welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. His actions show his heart.

Romney would improve our relations with Israel, and he WOULD approve the Keystone Pipeline, bringing tens of thousands of jobs into the US. Romney would once again allow drilling in the gulf.Obama SAYS he cares about jobs, the high price of gas, but shuts down drilling. The Keystone Pipeline would have created tens of thousands of jobs in the US, and we'd get oil from Canada. But no, obama turned that down, and now the Chinese will gladly take their oil. Is everyone so blind that they can't see his actions??
Let's get a REAL president who will LEAD our country out of this depression. Obama's motto used to be "Yes We Can", and I guess that applies to "yes we can ruin this country is just 4 short years."

It's pretty simple, and not exclusively about religion. It's called the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, and it's at the center of most of the current events you read about in the papers. Many people, even "Christians," are willing to extend it to some, but not to others.

More specifically, you tend to be more willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to a person who looks just like you.

Will Christians vote for a "Mormon" President? Yes, just to defeat CHRISTIAN President Obama. How hypocritical.

Actually, Obama has mentioned his Christian faith MANY times..spoke extensively about how he accepted Christ as his Savior...I am quite surprised at how many are so quick to doubt Obamas profession of faith, even at the last prayer breakfast and multiple times in the news etc..in his books..even at his meeting with Billy Graham..YET...they will not acknowledge that there are major discrepancies about Biblical Christianity and Mormonism that throws it directly into the cult range..I wish every person HERE would acquaint themselves with what the LDS TEACH...and then make a decision.I also know many Mormons....and know EXACTLY what they teach and have taught...Some of you ( and this is your right)..truly don't see a problem...you think Obama is SOOOOOOO bad that anyone....even someone who says they will be GOD is acceptable...well that may be fine for you..just don't be hypocritical and say JESUS is the one you hold higher than all...because last I looked....anyone claiming they will be a GOD..is committing blasphemy..not a little matter in my book.And I do think Mr. Romney is probably a nice man..especially for the 1% ( who will get richer for sure)...but as a leader I TRUST with my vote?Not as far as I could toss a hog with a broken arm.Just my take.( go see Utah Lighthouse Ministry.com

Yichi..I forgot to comment to you as well.You are exactly right about Christian persecution...and we all know how bad it is in China....and interestingly...in THIS country where we have all of these freedoms..Christianity is a secular sideshow many times.Persecution HERE? Many couldnt even stand it.They think they are persecuted if someone mocks them, or inconveniences them....And these are the SAME folks who want as a leader..someone who believes what is diametrically opposed to the Bible tghey CLAIM to love...to be their leader..Sort of like someone in ancient Israel who says God is ONE God..and the HIGHEST and Holiest but hey...if you can toss a vote or two to someone who represents Molech.. as long as afew more shekels are in the purse who cares?
George Barna as done extensive polling on how evangelicals often believe things that are so far from Christianity as to be laughable ( or make you cry)
Obama feels *foreign* to so many who may not be close friends with anyone who isnt quite like them.That may be why some are so uncomfortable and cant exactly admit it..Thats sad too. Theyd never recognize it .

Yes, of course I will vote for a moral and honest person that has raised many children and remained faithful to his wife. My prayer is that his eyes are opened to the One called Jesus.
I like him

If the Mormon truly teaches as what Marty commented above, why don’t they openly desert their doctrines and back to the Bible? It has deceived many and will continuously deceive people. Personally we may like Mr. Romney, but to Christians, this is not personal. There is no nation like either Israel or US. As Israel is founded with God’s law, US is founded with Christianity. The meaning behind it is much more significant than just the policies. Both are to share His blessings to all nations to glorify Him. If we replace our Lord Jesus Christ with a cult representative, we are formally walking away from God (Jeremiah 2). The future will be desolate. I am sad that many evangelical leaders who support Mr. Romney do not realize the significant meaning of it.

I agree to most of what you say Yichi..I do see many people equate Israel to AMerica and I believe that is wrong...Israel was unique in their relationship to God...and personally I think we go down a slippery slope when we feel our country( Which I love to live in BTW) has some special providence and exemption for doing what is not in harmony with what God has SPECIFICALLY condemned. Some who say our President is not a Christian, are MORE than happy o give a pass and a nod that someday Mr Romney will open his heart to Christianity (the BIBLICAL Jesesversus the LDS Jesus)but by their own standards will not hope that for the President.They say Mr Romeny is honest and moral and upright and loves his family.
So does Mr Obama, and so does the atheist down my street.The atheist pays his taxes, loves his wife..his kids aren't in jail and he is a conservative who feels the Tea Party is great for this country.He DOESNT claimthat he will be a God.
Obama pays his taxes, loves his wife, has fine mroal character, has great kids and loves his country as WELL as loves Jesus Christ.He too doesnt claimhe will be a God but says he NEEDS Jesus everyday to do what he has to do.Mr Romney however was born on third base and feels he has hit a triple...is quite concerned with the 1%, etc..No doubt loves his children and wife and country..but He is the ONLY one saying he will be a GOD.If you are Christian and that doesnt give you pause? Welllll...I guess for some it doesnt.Mammon still trumps all for many . The evangelical pastors that are tight lipped and silent and who never teach anything about what the candidate they espouse believes? They should be sued for spiritual malpractice( not really but you get the meaning....they warn about everything under the sun..but spiritual matters that the congregation is IGNORANT about in the their candidiates. I would venture MOST evangelicals know what they know about the LDS teachings from someplace OTHER than their pastor.

I reply with a quote from carm.org because it says it so succinctly:

"As Christians, we are to balance our conviction of moral truth and biblical fidelity when we vote. The issue of who to vote for among a crowd of less-than-stellar-candidates is complicated. Each person must vote to the best of his/her ability. Hopefully, people will vote for a person who will uphold the Constitution, protect our civil rights, and promote the welfare of society and the family without supporting abortion, homosexuality, and liberalism. The issue is more than a simple, "I won't vote for a Mormon" or "I won't vote for a Catholic" (i.e., John F. Kennedy).
Furthermore, the higher up the office is, the more important it is. If a Mormon were to become President, it would be used by Mormons everywhere to promote the LDS Church. This would be spiritually bad. But, on the other hand, it would also mean that the strange doctrines of the LDS Church would be more readily exposed when people learn what Mormonism teaches, i.e, god coming from another planet, a goddess wife, becoming gods, Jesus and Satan are brothers, secret handshakes for exaltation to godhood, etc. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the traffic to CARM has increased 33% and it is due to the inquiries people are making about Mormonism.

So, who should Christians vote for? It depends. Personally, I would vote for an atheist over a "Christian" if the former would uphold the Constitution and the latter did not, just as I would vote for someone who was Mormon and uphold the Constitution over someone else who would not. So, Mormons are not Christian, but that doesn't mean a Christian can't vote for one." (http://carm.org/politics-mormon-christian)

I agree it is never as simple as "I won't vote for a Mormon or I won't vote for a Buddhist or Catholic etc...However, it is only for those who believe the Constitutions is on equal par with Biblical imperatives, that the equasion can be made.WE can say the ends justifies the means, sort of like we are getting people to examine Mormonism as some sort of evangelism tool, but that isnt the reason God said certain things are forbidden.The secular syncretism that passes for faith based beliefs is wrong. Trying to do Gods work with the devils tools is always a bet I can't take..SO many conservatives do believe that they are a little closer to the face of God and His ways of doing things though they may not say so. But lets try this then...perhaps by having such a liberal in office will drive all the good and godly folks to examine Christianity more and their faith will be strengthened! If things get bad and rotten and worse...just THINK how many will be driven to their knees and CHANGE! SO then we should vote for the LIBERAL by that analogy. It will speed up redemption much faster...LOL.. They will see that we can change things by getting someone in office we think might not be Christian...but has enough of the spit and polish and moral shine that will rub off on people...and change society for the better.Jesus said that kind of thing doesnt happen. If someone can find any example of going along to get along in the Bible...and it made ANY nation better....please list it.And there is truly nothing new under the sun, we only think that if certain leaders, pastors and organizations give a pass( and notice it is ALWAYS to a conservative)that we can do what Go has already condemned.Excuse making.No offense to anyone in particular, but is seems strangely suspicious to me that some think only conservatives love their country, have morals, serve in the Military and take family values seriously.I have seen FAR more conservatives worry far more many times about the ALmighty Buck versus the ALmighty Himself.

If you are a Christian you should not give your vote for a Mormon.
A true Christian can not accept the idea that the Mormon faith denies the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The first commandment by your God: thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Mormons don't believe in the trinity. They believe that Jesus was a created being who has a spirit brother in satan. Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet but not as the trinity. Islam is as much christian as mormonism. How, in good conscious, can a christian vote for a person who does not accept the God of the bible? By selecting a mormon you would be elevating his god over your god. By selecting a mormon you would be giving credence to the god of mormonism, giving mormonism greater respect, making it equal or better than christianity and this would surely be against the law of God.

Mormonism is not Christianity.

How can any Christian go against their own God?

Obama has said he believes in the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit make up his God, the God of Christianity. He is a declared and confirmed Christian. The choice is between a confirmed man of the Christian God and a man who believes in a cultish false god--which prompts the question, do you choose another god over your god?

Maybe you can find specifically where Obama says he believes in the Trinity? I searched, and could not find anything. His "Trinity" UCC church taught black liberation theology, not Christianity. And that is where he came to his "Christian" beliefs. If you're not going to vote for Romney based on religion, you shouldn't vote for Obama either. Romney and the LDS consider themselves Christians, just as Obama's past church called themselves "Christians", but they're anything but. They have a different Jesus too, just like the mormons do.

becca, he repudiated it THE DAY BEFORE he announced his candidacy. If you seriously want to believe that,,, well that's up to you. But his actions speak louder than his words through his presidency, and it's just a *little* hard to believe it was sincere since it was the day before he announced he was running for president. Who told him the real Gospel in those 5 hours and then he suddenly believed it? He wasn't discerning anything for 25 years.

Vote for the candidate most qualified to run this country who understands Washington and government, who understands how to bring people together so that we can move this country forward. Vote for the candidate you believe will do this and stop all the religious red herrings that distract from the real issues. Do you want 4 more years of Obama or do you want change.

“His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate, and I believe that they do not portray accurately the perspective of the black church,” Mr. Obama said, his voice welling with anger. “They certainly don’t portray accurately my values and beliefs.”

NY Times April 30, 2008 Obama renouncing Wright

Obama candidacy for President Feb 10, 2007 in Illinois
Where you get 5 hrs before his Candidacy he renounces Wrigt is beyond me..it is untrue..he was already inthe middle of the run with Hilary Clinton and one day from the begiining of May.Marty your research was off.
Some find it hard people can convert quickly from some horrendous pasts ( Are you listening APostle Paul?) but that is not even accurate in this case....many times Obama has spoken of his faith his conversion to Jesus Christ...his acceptance of Jesus..his walk which is a work in progress..and on and on...it seems that some however are more than willing to take Romney at his word he is a Christian and wouldnt ask him ANY questions about doctrine( he wont give ya any)....yet question the way Obama even ties his shoes...come ON people....God isnt a Democrat or a Republican...America isnt Israel...and the Supreme Court doesnt have the same weight as the 12 apostles..and the Constitution isnt the Holy Bible...but youd think it was the way some are so quick to accept some of this stuff without question. I am fine with Obama with 4 more years..Bin Ladin is gone..the auto workers are still working ...my niece is still on her moms insurance so she can have that operation and not be refused for a preexisting condition..etc etc etc .and no matter who is in Washington my Savior is still on HIS throne..and guess what I dont have to acively support someone who says HE will someday be God...THATS the deal breaker for me.

I'm from Australia and find the whole discussion perplexing.

Why don't you just consider them both "non-Christians" and then vote for the best person who can run you country.

They are the only choice you have.

@Becca in response to "Actually, Obama has mentioned his Christian faith MANY times..spoke extensively about how he accepted Christ as his Savior...I am quite surprised at how many are so quick to doubt Obamas profession of faith..."

Check out this interview on Obama's faith.


When asked what he believes, his response includes "I believe there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power..." Many paths to the same place???

When asked who Jesus is to him, he LEADS with "an historical figure..." An historical figure???

What scares me most is not Obama, but the LACK of discernment among Christians today.

Regardless of our view of Romney's religion, most conservative Christians will utilize this thinking: "de duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum"
..........................................................Of two evils, always choose the lesser one (Thomas à Kempis)
Conservative Christians will soundly judge which of the candidates will best lead this nation and vote for him regardless of his/her religious view. We have always voted this way and will continue to vote this way.

No one hates what Mormonism stands for more than I do. It has fractured some of my family members. But when it comes to November I will say de duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum
Of two evils, always choose the lesser one (Thomas à Kempis)

Some may prefer the lesser or two evils so to speak..however there is again the dilemma of what is the lesser of two evils? Is it both have flaws?Yes..or that both have ideals that will not appeal to some? Sure...Then perhaps for some they will stay out this go round..why? Because someone will get in but not with Them actively supporting a candidate..Others who feel Obama is right up there with the worst( which is ridiculous) should hence vote for Obama..why? Because then if he gets in..then supposedly America will get SO bad( ridiculous) that the next go round will sweep the TRUE patriots..the REAL Christians the PROPER Americans into office..the TEA PARTY and the CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!!!!! Whoopee...then America will be on par wirh Israel..the days of Ozzie and Harriet will be back..men will be men..women will bake pies in the kitchen and all the kids in the country will be wise and pure..Look..if it were only so beautifully laid out huh? Maybe instead of The lesser of two evils..we can try THIS tact..Obey GOD as ruler rather than MEN...and if you see someone is DIAMETRICALLY opposed SPIRITUALLY to Christian beliefs...then perhaps they arent the one for YOU...Maybe its as clear as that.If you wil vote for someone who says they will be GOD...then you will take anyone.
But Romney will need far more than a fat wallet and some super attack ads..he will need Hispanis..(aint happening)...African American ( aint happening)..more women ( Thats on the downhill slide)..and a great foreign policy...and THAT aint happening either folks

Mike ..here is what Obama has said Washington Post

When President Obama lit the National Christmas Tree behind the White House last year, he spoke of a "child born far from home" and said "while this story may be a Christian one, its lesson is universal."
This year, Obama referenced that same "child born far from home," but added a more personal twist: "It's a story that's dear to Michelle and me as Christians."
Three days later, at a Christmas benefit concert, the president again talked about how the story of Christmas "guides my Christian faith."
In September, when asked why he is a Christian at a campaign event in New Mexico, the president responded by calling himself a "Christian by choice" and gave a personal testimony to the crowd (and gathered reporters):
"Understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we're sinful and we're flawed, we make mistakes . . . And that we achieve salvation through the grace of God."

Ummmmmm...what is scary is that...I could count on one hand how many would ask ROMNEY to speak of HIS faith and beliefs and do some clarification...and the lack of discernment is manifested in not even CHECKING to see what has been taught and is CURRENTLY taught... then again we still have conservative Christians who believe the President is a Muslim...and want him to repeatedly whip out his birthj certficate..I say hold ROMNEY then to the same standard...start explaining..in depth and explain how you not only participated in mission work but TAUGHT these things as a Bishop and High Priest as well..and STILL hold them to be accurate..

@Becca Please understand I'm not comparing the two, but did not Hitler make statements that affirmed a belief in Christianity?

@Becca in response to "Understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we're sinful and we're flawed, we make mistakes . . . And that we achieve salvation through the grace of God."

The bible verse that comes to mind is,

"For by grace are you saved through faith, it is the gift of God; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." Eph. 2:8

It is faith in Jesus, not just the grace of God.

You need to watch this man's actions instead of his words.
It's interesting that obama and his family do not exchange Christmas presents. Obama says they don't exchange presents because "they want to teach some limits". Muslims cannot celebrate Christmas, and the video explains why (see link). He does not give a reason like "we think that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, and not exchanging presents" but instead, says "they want to teach some limits". They want to teach limits? They go on 14 vacations that cost over a million dollars, and last time I looked, the kids and Michelle have a huge wardrobe.

Obama's references that he is a Christian is simply engaging in what muslims call taqiya -- deception or lies to advance Islam. It's something he performs brilliantly. It's not just right-sided whackos who may believe obama is muslim, but Egyptian Foreign Minister (in 2010) Ahmed Aboul Gheit, as reported in the May 2010 issue of Israel Today. According to journalist Avi Lipkin, Gheit appeared on Nile TV's "Round Table Show" in January, on which he said that "he had had a one-on-one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda."

Gheit reported that obama said this to him: "He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare) [sic], that he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel."

In 2008 he said that Jerusalem must remain in Israel and be undivided. But that was one of his lies. He has completely 100% changed from this, by even erasing all references to Jerusalem, Israel from the White House website, and in their speech, etc. American citizens born there have Jerusalem only listed as their birthplace on their passports, etc obama has ordained that the US will not use Jerusalem and the country Israel together. I pray that people's blinders will come off and they will get him out of office. If you don't believe this, please research it. Before you call names, research it.

Although Congress voted against it, obama over the years has committed treason by sending over 1.5 billion to the Palestinian Liberation Organization , a TERRORIST organization. Like he told the Russian President, wait until after the election, and then he can really do what he wants without worry. Heaven help us if he should be re-elected.

As a senator, he went to Kenya and campaigned for Odina, a radical muslim, who was trying to overthrow the lawful government and democracy in place. Odina vowed to rewrite the constitution and order Sharia law as the only true law, and wanted to require every citizen to accept Islam as the country's only religion. This is what obama supports, sharia law, and we watch the world as country after country in the middle east is not going to "democracy" but will be going to sharia law. This president has supported this change in countries that were once our allies, like Egypt and Turkey and others. Watch for actions and not words, it's time to wake up to the truth before it's too late.

BTW-how do you feel about having an RFID chip implanted by the year 2014 as part of the healthcare plan? Yes, it's in there, do some research!! Are you going to accept the chip?

@Becca Why are you so concerned with what Mitt Romney believes when he says, "I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind."?

According to your logic, doesn't him saying that make him as much of a Christian as Obama?

I really appreciate Becca's comments. She is well-informed and I believe far too many people are ill-informed about the Mormon agenda.

Being informed about politics and what is best for the country and being informed about a religion are two different agendas. A person can become informed about Mormonism and still vote for the candidate who best supports their political view regardless of their religion.

I am not here to sideline any issues at all..I am here to offer a valid point of view from one who is a born again Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ..the BIBLICAL Jesus..not Jesus Jones...Jesus Smith or Jesus who is supposed to be a brother to Lucifer ( Lds teaching) or any OTHER JEsus.I think we have to be careful.
Joe..Mr Obama wasnt doing an entire sermon...why not post what the LDS believe about Jesus, God, Man, and some other points.
Som feel Obama is a Muslim..will ALWAYS believe it..and short of doing a test they would NEVER ask Romney to take...wont believe it. I do believe many of these folks take talking points from Fox News, Glenn beck etc...and wouldnt know a Muslim if he bit him on the hand. They will always DOUBT Obama is a Cristian and yet are so quick to believe Mr Romney is a Christian when by the BIblical standards he CANT be.There are several kinds of conservatives...the ones who feel the fiscal trumps the social issues( Tea partiers etc)/..there are those who say that No...to obey God as ruler one cant nickle and dime the social issues ( doing justice, helping the poor etc...to put five dollars in their pocket ,..and others who feel that the Biblical standards they say they hold dear..well they can go on the shelf because it isnt really all that important..there is no deal breaker with electing someone who feels they will be a GOD versus someone who doesnt pass the detailed test they want to check their Christianity by.The party trumps the Bible with these people.
They will research the Muslims...the Koran..the Quran( same)and yet NOT research the LDS teachings? why?
Cause they will get VERY uncomfortable....they have so much invested in Mr Romney...Why arent some posting what He believes? Because you'd have a hard time looking in the mirror and jusifying it.At these town meetings...why arent MORE asking HARD questions?I said before many times..people will do what they want...I am just saying..and not specifically to any person...but in general...some are too hypocritical to admit they dont care.I enjoy bringing up points that some dont always ponder..its how I investigated Christianity ...and hopefully some LDS may as well...seems like some of the evangelical Christians have already given a pass.

First let me say, I am very anti-abortion and grew up in the Pentecostal sub-culture. Today, I would refer to myself more as a Universalist so I really don't care whether Mitt Romney is a Mormon or not. However, I REALLY don't get these Evangelicals who are now doing mental gymnastics to try and square their Sunday morning beliefs with voting for a Mormon. While Mormons say they believe in Jesus as "a" son of God, Jesus is not (in this religion) the only-begotten One, which is really the hallmark of Christianity, not abortion. I've sat through TOO MANY sermons in which Mormons were relegated to the pit of Hell for rejecting Christ as the only Way to now understand how all these same righteous church-going folk, in good conscience, say they will vote for Mr. Romney as the "leader" of their beloved "Christian" country. Again, I don't really care. Then again, I don't have spiritual hyprocrisy or the "searing of my conscience" (1 Timothy 4:2)to worry about.

Let's take a look at some rulers and governments that God has raised up.

Rom 9:17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.

Isa 10:5-19 O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation.

Hab 1:6 For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs.
They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.

Rome (Romans 13:1-7)

God remains constant through the ages and His Word does not change.

This means that 20th governments and rulers such as Germany, Japan, Russia and China were not accidents in history but are instruments in the hands of God, "for there is no power but of God".

Paul and Peter living under one of the most wicked and cruel despots of all time (and persecutor of Christians) say "they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation" (Romans 13:1).

We (Christians) are FORBIDDEN to resist God's constituted authority for any reason (whether by peaceful means or any other means) unless such obedience would constitute disobedience to God.


Could it ever be possible for a liberal to actually research something, or is it all about labelling and denigrating?
Why doesn't the media cover this and the reasons why the Obama family does not celebrate Christmas? The reason Obama gave for not celebrating Christmas was not what you'd like to hear, but rather, "to set limits" for his children!

From "American Thinker" Feb 27, 2012

Salero and Becca, Based on your political views--not your religious views--I would reckon that both of you would vote for Obama even if Romney believed like Billy Graham. You both know that this is not about religion, it is about political viewpoint. I am a conservative. I am a Christian, and I know a lot about Mormonism. It has affected my family in negative ways. However, given the choices it appears I will have, and given that it is my right to vote, I will vote for Romney because I do not want another 4 with Obama. Its very simple. Though it grinds me to vote for a Mormon, I will do it and when asked by many who know of my understanding of Mormonism I will ask them to vote for the person who best represents their political view. This is my last post as this discussion wearies me. (See there are things to rejoice over because you get the last say!)

This election is a win-win for Biblical Christianity in America because no matter which one wins Biblical Christianity will continue to serve as an alternative to the American people.

Either way you Americans vote, you will be voting to fulfill Bible prophecy. The candidates available for voting are just different sides of the same coin. All these politicians that seem to publicly oppose one another all belong to the same secret cults and organisations. They all have the same goals and either way you vote, they will still be working together to fulfill their goals.

I don't like Obama, but I just can't vote for a non-Christian like Romney. He believes Jesus was born in Missouri and wore magic underwear to fight the Indians.

That's the worst kind of blasphemy. Better someone doesn't believe in God at all (and can be saved) than they make up lies about our Lord and Savior.

I'm sitting this election out. I advise all true believers to do the same.

Dr Norman Geisler (the author of more than 60 Christian books, and was the dean of a Christian university), has written an essay on why he will vote for Romney, the lesser of two evils. Below is just one point out of 7 or so. There very well be the need to replace 4 Supreme Court justices, and this should make anyone who loves this country, and our sovereignty, from voting to re-elect obama. Edmund Burke wrote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

"Sixth, when it comes to the issue of the Supreme Court, we have a very important choice in the coming presidential election. On economic, religious, and moral matters, the Supreme Court is split. There are four votes for most conservative issues and four votes for most liberal issues. The next president can easily tip the scales by one appointment! This may be one of the most crucial things the next president of the United States does. If applied to the Roe v. Wade abortion issue, it could turn the tide! We know what kind of people Obama has and will appoint, namely, left-wing liberals. Romney will almost certainly do better than this. I am counting on and voting for him to give the highest court in the land a conservative majority. This alone with be worth voting for him."

As a Christian, in an election to pick the better of two candidates the choice is looking fairly simple eventhough I may need to hold my nose.

There is no way I will vote for a Mormon, no matter who his opponent is. I know I will have to answer to God for who I vote for and what I know, and there is no way I could justify my vote for a Mormon.

Why compare the two candidates? What you must do is think about each candidate and then say, "Will my conscience before God allow me to vote for this person??" I have done this for both candidates and can safely say that I won't be voting for either one.

I am a pastor busy preparing my sermon for tomorrow (Sunday) and having a break and looking at fellow Christians are saying about the US presidential race. There are many White Christians in America today who honestly believe that racism is part of Christian culture and traditions. Many White Evangelicals will vote aginst Barack Obama simply because he is Black. Mormonism is definitely a corrupted form of Christianity. Face with the choice between a Black man and a Mormon, many Evangelicals would rather vote for a Mormon. Is it about abortion? Really, thought Obamacare is almost an exact replica of what they have in Mass state where Romney is governor,

Is Barack Obama a Christian? Definitely yes! Barack Obama having acknowledged his sinfulness and need for Christ, made a personal bold decision (by choice) to believe that Christ died for our sins and that God Father raised him from the dead and confessed with his mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. Those who question Brack Obama's credentials as a Christian are definitely not informed by what the Bible says about salvation but by their own prejudices. The coming presidential election will really expose the real hypocrites among Evangelicals.

However, I am not arguing that people should simply vote for Barack Obama because he is a Christian. But I am saying that the reasons cited in this Forum for voting against Obama are lies, half-truths and deliberate distortions. If Evangelicals want to support a Republican they should not construct a reality and around lies and hypocrisy. If you want to vote for a Mormon, just go for it and live with it!