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May 25, 2012

Black Americans on Gay Marriage: Is Obama Changing Opinion?

New poll shows opinion jump from African Americans in favor of same-sex marriage

President Obama's announcement supporting same-sex marriage could have an impact on opinion among black Americans. A new poll finds that 59 percent of black Americans support same-sex marriage, a jump from just 41 percent before Obama's announcement.

In previous surveys, support among black Americans for same-sex marriage has been consistently lower than among whites. A majority of black Americans polled over the past two years have opposed same-sex marriage (38 percent support vs. 52 percent opposition), according the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.


Black Americans who attend church are more likely to oppose same-sex marriage than are others.  According recent Pew polls, 70 percent of black Americans who attend church regularly oppose gay marriage, compared to 47 percent among those that do not.

With the relatively small number of black Americans in the Washington Post-ABC poll, it would be difficult to tell if the change in opinion occurred among more religious black Americans.

 Among whites polled, opinion leaned toward supporting same-sex marriage (48 percent support vs. 43 percent opposition). The new Washington Post-ABC News poll suggests that black Americans are now more supportive of same-sex marriage than white Americans are (59 percent vs. 50 percent).

For many black Americans, opposition to gay marriage is rooted in conservative religious beliefs. While more left-leaning on many economic and civil rights issues, black Americans poll similar to many white Christians on social issues including same-sex marriage.

Obama's announcement, however, could shift opinion on this issue among black Americans. On Monday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) approved a resolution supporting same-sex marriage. The resolution supported both “marriage equality” and “the religious freedoms of all people.”

Roslyn Brock, chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors, said the resolution was limited to same-sex civil marriage, not marriage as a religious institution.

“The NAACP did not issue its support of marriage equality from a personal, moral, or religious perspective. Rather, we deeply respect differences of personal conscience on the religious definition of marriage, and we strongly affirm the religious freedoms of all as protected by the First Amendment,” Brock said. “As the nation's leading civil rights organization, it is not our role or intent to express how any place of worship should act in its own house. We have not done so in the past and will not do so in the future.”

By separating civil marriage as a civil rights issue from the institution of marriage as a moral issue, the group frames same-sex marriage in a way that could be more acceptable to black Americans who are ambivalent on the issue.

Frank Schubert, national political director for the National Organization for Marriage, told the Washington Post that he doubted that there is any change among black Americans.

“There is not a chance in God’s green earth that African Americans support same-sex marriage,” Schubert said. “[Obama's] opinion of same-sex marriage is not going to be changing the opinion of African Americans in a significant way.”

The Washington Post-ABC poll is the first evidence, however, that there may be changes occurring among some black Americans. The number of black Americans is small, but the size of the jump in support of same-sex marriage was large enough to be statistically significant, meaning that the change is not due to random fluctuation. But more polls will be needed to confirm a true change in public opinion.


Interesting. Why would he change my opinion? No leader of the democratic, nor the republican party is my savior. Both parties are flawed to those of us who value both caring for the less fortunate and personal responsibility per biblical principles.

Would Mr. Obama "change" an opinion? Depends on what you mean by change.

What I can easily imagine is a public statement like this either allowing or prompting one to reconsider the evidence and arguments, and perhaps therefore allowing one to imagine changing one's opinion.

So, it wouldn't necessarily be part of one's final argument, but it could be a challenge to existing beliefs, prompting reevaluation.

What does this say about blacks making up their own minds? They need a Kenyan American to tell them what to believe?

As a black Christian, I want to say that both Barack Obama and the NAACP have made a singularly disappointing decision. Obama says he is a Christian, and I don't argue about that, but he has clearly ambushed American Christianity.

This is a singular and unprecedented mess, with far-reaching implications. Black families are already in enough trouble as it is. It's time for Christians, especially black Christians, to take a stand.

Obama will NOT be getting my vote in November.
The NAACP will NOT get one dime of my money for any reason. There can be no "black unity" if the cost of that unity is a public rejection of the Scriptures, the word of God.

There is no true Christian that will ever change the word of God on
homosexuality. Mr president Obama will not get my vote in November if
he continues to help destroy God's
institution of marriage. What will happen
if other groups come out like those who want
to marry to animals, children, many
wives, many husbands. Are you going
to accept all these as marriages Mr president
and supporters of same-sex marriage?

Fascinating X-Y chart ... Lots of implications in that.


Pathetical situation to say the least!


I know that I'm a sinner in need of a savior. I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior,My Lord. The Bible teaches clearly in the scriptures how to grow in my Christian walk. I wonder how our President can call himself a Christian yet ignore God's clear plan for marriage. He created it, as the author on marriage why are we debating? None of us have the right to be poltically correct on this issue. The Bible is very clear,God the author calls homosexuality a sin. Clearly this is not a civil rights issue. It is a sin issue! I'm sure if President Obama calls himself a Christian he should let his Christian voters know which scriptures he supports on marriage. I hope for Mrs. Obama he can agree adultry is sin according to the Bible. If he picks and chooses scriptures,as it appears that he is doing,he is lukewarm.Again, the Bible is clear on that! I choose what God says in it's entire context :the Bible. How can any Bible believing Christian vote for Him again?

Telephone surveys consistently show more support for homosexual "marriage" than actual voting does. The homosexual lobby is good at intimidating the opposition. So people don't agree with their agenda, but they are afraid to oppose it vocally, even to the person taking the telephone survey!

The black community is very religious.

That being said, the black community is also very very sensitive to discrimination.

American history shows repeatedly those who wish to discriminate never forget to invite black America as honored guests to a discrimination party.

It is for this reason, black America is being not generous but self-protective.

The president knew, correctly, this would be the case.

The gay lobby has and will always have American history as a close and powerful friend.

The first sentence of the article is highly ambiguous, misleading, and is another example of how imprecise journalism creates so much confusion that we need to think deeply if we are to read and understand what writers say. The statement that the President "supports same-sex marriage" requires clarification. Is he married to one of the same sex? No. Does he encourage it? No. What then does his statement mean? He supports the right of people to be free to make choices which seem allowed by the constitution. This has nothing to do with being a christian or believing the bible. God gives everyone the right to choose to obey or not, to believe or not The USA is a secular state, even though it has been influenced by christian ideas. The christian (have we forgotten) lives in a world that is alien territory which he must evangelize. We cannot stop this because we think that this is a christian country and assume that the laws are there to force people to live righteously. We are dreaming if we think that.

welby, if we have no moral compass, why don't we just allow polygamy, sex with children, and beastiality and everything else, after all, unbelievers don't have God as their moral compass. Might as well allow theft and murder too.

Nathan, please identify the "we" in your post. Is it the church, any christian, or any individual or group of individuals. If we are familiar with the bible, we know that there is a difference between the church and the "world" or the "state". There is so much confusion between the church and the government of the US of A. As one who served in the US Army in Vietnam, I came to understand that there is a big difference between doing what you believe to be your duty to your country, and doing what you believe is your duty as a follower of Jesus Christ. The area of morality is a personal thing, and there is so much effort being expended to impose moral principles on other people through the laws of the state. I believe that is where the church has gotten off track and is involved in so many issues that do not lead to the accomplishment of the primary mission of the church. People become christians by their personal choice, the exercise of their free will. We (christians) should focus more on our primary mission and stand for truth, no matter what it costs.

I have not read a single sentence relevant to the points I raised in my two posts, unless there is something that I am missing. There are a lot of things which are condemned in the bible, such as greed, for example. Does that mean that we are to try to get the government to pass laws prohibiting that? I see no evidence that this conclusion is warranted. Let me restate a point that I have raised. If someone does not believe in same-sex marriage, then he should not marry someone of the same sex. The question arises when he would like to impose that standard on everyone else, and others will ask by what authority does he do this? Similarly, if someone does not believe in abortion, then he should not practice it. Does that mean he should prevent everyone else from practicing it by getting laws passed to prohibit it? You make the judgement. I see that evangelicals have banded together with Roman Catholics on the issue of religious freedom. This alliance will prove uncomfortable when those same evangelicals want to emphasize other issues important to them. The focus of the church, according to the commission of its founder, is clear and the church should not allow itself to be sidetracked by other issues better left for the state to handle. We do not live in a theocracy but in what is supposed to be a democracy that shows the signs of being subverted by the influence of unlimited money on our politics.

The words of the Lord Jesus Christ are relevant to the discussion at hand. "By this shall men know that you are my disciples, that you love one another". The behavior of the church, in terms of the way it treats its own members, is thus appointed the demonstration project for the world to see what christianity is all about. One writer has put it this way, if the church is not demonstrating obsefvable love among its membership, then the world has a right to question the authenticity of its nature. God's commercial to the world, so to speak, is the observable presence of genuine care and affection between members of the church. Anyone can look at the way the church has behaved among its own and make a judgement about that churc's genuinineness. This is what the church should focus on first because without that, its words are nothing more than "sounding brass and clanging cymbals".

President Obama is just that, my president, not my Lord and Savior. He can agree with whatever degradation he wants, it will not change my opinion of what's right.

Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

If you vote for Obama on that day, you -- not the next person, but YOU -- are voting for legalized gay marriage and all its negative consequences.

If you stay home on that day and Obama wins, then you -- not the next person, but YOU -- have effectively voted for gay marriage and all its negative consequences.

It's okay to display as much Christian love as you and your church have opportunities to display. It's okay to practice the Christian "primary mission" as much as your time and opportunity permits.

But on Tuesday, Nov. 6, you'll be making a solemn choice regardless of ANY other factors. There won't be any time or room for excuses.

Fact is, on that day, you will choose to hasten the arrival of Obama gay marriage and the resultant divine judgment upon this nation, OR you will choose to slow down the Obama gay marriage train, and buy America a little more time.

November is coming quickly. So please choose wisely!

Doc Anthony, and others who may believe that the president passes laws, please check and you will discover, if you have not already, that in the USA the president deos not pass any law, he only signs or refuses to sign, laws passed by Congress. It is really surprising that so much is written that appears to assume that the president passes laws. Similarly, the governor of Massachusetts did not pass the law calling for the health system enjoyed by the residents of Massachusetts, the governor only signed the law, but it was passed by the legislature. If we understand that only congress and legislatures pass laws in this country, why do we ascribe so much credit or blame to the president for the laws that we have? The president can ask to congress to pass a law, but he has no power to make congress accede to his request. He has to beg and cajole to get something passed. We need to pay more attention to the people we vote to send to congress.

Welby, laws were once passed by Congress as you say. But now the President uses Executive Fiat when Congress has expressly voted against certain laws. His Dept of Justice also refuses to enforce certain laws, even though they have been voted for and approved by Congress. It is becoming more and more of a dictatorial office, with Congress afraid to do anything to stop him. In addition, he no longer cares whether Congress authorizes an act of war, he follows the UN decisions.

The so-called Constitutional law professor is doing everything he can to avoid abiding by the Constitution. He actually was a senior lecturer at the Univ of Chicago and taught 3 classes a year. He was never a full-time or tenure-track "professor". In addition, both he and his wife have surrendered their law licenses, he because of false information given when he took the bar exam, and Michelle "surrendered" her license in 1993 when a Federal Judge gave her the option of surrendering her license or facing charges of insurance fraud. There are 95 year old physicans and lawyers in rest homes who never "surrender" their licenses, because they came at a great price. http://www.law.uchicago.edu/media

Nancy, what is woefully absent is consistency in the criticisms of many who call themselves conservatives. Executive orders are nothing new, and if the president was the only wone who did this, the criticism would be consistent. But when conservatives warmly embrace politicians who have done similar things, there is no reason to believe that the embracers are being consistent or are doing this out of any observable principle that always applies. Consider all the charges and countercharges hurled at one another during the recent republican primary. If we believe that any of these things are true, and if we believe that we should not "settle", as Michelle Bachmann said so often, then where is the politician worthy of being embraced by evangelical christians? I have seen no evidence that any qualify.

Homosexual marriage (by civil authorities) versus what the bible/church teaches theoretically is not new. Jesus encountered issues involving civil verses spiritual authority on many occasions. Remember on one occasion He said “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God.” Although this event was largely about money Jesus’ example is applicable on any issue. Simply put, whatever the government wants to do it can but it can not stop God from being God nor prevent true believers from being obedient.
I KNOW HOMOSEXUALITY as well as fornication, adultery and a host of other un-repented SINS can not be condoned by the church. This fact is plainly revealed in the bible. I know also the church and this world should and always will be at odds.

I am concern that Christians make very little noise concerning the injustice these sinners (bible not hatred) encounter every day. Sinners(bible) they may be but they have human rights in this country to be sinners if they choose. Let me remind you that Jesus loves sinners(bible) too and does not condoned hatred or evil even when disguised as righteousness. The church should demand fair treatment of all humans (we do it for prisoners). So I say “if you are holy be holy still” and if the unrighteous wants to be unrighteous pray for them. Only the Spirit can regenerate and renew! This is a civil matter because the church is not being made to perform the ceremonies, choose them as board members, nor change their doctrines.

I am saved, black, and a register voter. I do not vote for imperfect man on single issues because i have biblical disagreements with all sides. That being said Obama has NOT LOST MY VOTE nor my support, the point that I can offer it. Remember we are voting for politicians not the power of God.

In his love...

God's law is discriminatory. God's heaven is for the holy, not the unholy. Christ delivered sinners to live as saints; not to live as sinners. While Christians do sin and struggle with; they are not availed the right to call good what God calls evil; nor vice versa. The Bible discriminates against heavenly criminals. Satan will go to hell. Satan's rebellious followers, the demons, will go to hell. God will discriminate against them because he is God and he calls the shots; not we creatures.

I'm black also. Please ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters together in The Lord, do not be deceived like those many who are already deceived by our unseen enemy. A vote for Obama is also a vote to go forward on gay marriage, abortion, social marxism and the like which is also an approval of the powers of hell. It is really that simple.

Amen Jimbob. We must be color blind when it comes to electing our president. Too many soldiers have died in the past to keep our way of life and to fight fascists, and to protect our freedoms. We have lost so many freedoms under this administration (and including Congress, both sides), that it greatly saddens me. People can now be arrested and will have a felony with 5 years of imprisonment if they protest any where there may be secret service agents around, in other words, near any government building or any politician. This president can count among his highest achievements the advancement of the homosexual agenda, using our tax dollars for abortion not only here but around the world, and the hiring of marxists to all of the governmental offices, including Kagan on the Supreme Court. I will definitely be voting for Romney, and really, I would love it if he chooses Allen West from Florida, who happens to be black, and he was a decorated soldier, and is not afraid to say that our enemy are the extremist muslims, and he is not afraid to tell the truth, a real rarity among politicians.

If we think as Christ would think, we would not be Libs nor Cons. Homosexual behavior is not conducive to replenishing this planet. Neither is senseless abortion. Sins were put in place to keep us from destroying our very existence on this planet.
Now, let us look farther in God's eyes. Attacking another country to murder their leaders, women and children is not of Christ. To turn your back on the poor and poor in heart in this country is not of Christ. To hate Blacks or any other race is not of Christ. To turn your back on Christ and vote for a lying Mormon bishop cult Leader (666) for your president is not of Christ. Obama's lack of sensitivity to the word of God dealing with Abortion and Homosexuality will be Judged and he is in place as a Christian to be forgiven but voting for a filthy rich, oppressor of the poor, lover of money cult leader......may God have mercy on your soul. You and Willard will be stuck in the eye of the needle together.

I strongly deplore the anti-gay rhetoric of some, so called, Evangelical leaders but let's go to the facts:
1- Homosexuality disappeared from the DSM (Compendium of Mental Diseases) by a political decision, not by a scientific decision. If you think for a moment how the sexual relationship is typically performed between it's hard to deny homosexuality is a paraphylia. That's the reason why even secular psychologists in the past tried to perform reparative therapy.
2- Most churches are abandoning a clear stand on Biblical marriage because of the same reason: politics, even though they often have members who were helped out of a homosexual lifestyle by their faith in Christ.
True, the struggle remains for some, but the same could be said about AA or Drug Rehabilitation centers.
3- Too many churches and Christian media are following blindly the World. Let's hope this is not true also of the African American Church.

Why are some of you so called Christians so nonchalant about this issue. "Well it's a civil right to get married and everyone is equal...blah blah"..."...They(homosexuals) should be able to choose whether they want to sin or not..." Where does this stop? This particular sect of people(homosexuals) seem to be incrediby desperate for acceptance. It would not suprise me if eventually they will start rallying for the ban of certain scriptures in the Bible that clearly condemn homosexuality, saying that "it discriminates against (them)". Oh yes, every citizen of you people's "great" America has a right to live without discrimination right? Will you then support these people and say, "well it is their civil right not to be discriminated against" "and well parts of the bible that condemn this SIN can make some of them feel a little left out...blah blah blah". American Christians, as ALL Christians, SHOULD know where to draw the line and it seems that this is just the begining of the war against Christianity in that Country. If you know how to pray, you should have already started; if you haven't, it is not too late to start and ask for the guidance of God.

@readerme, believe me, there are still many Christians in the US who believe the Bible is God's word, and follow Jesus. The heartland of the US is conservative, and the vast majority of people have voted overwhelmingly against allowing gay marriage. But the liberal politicians continue with their agenda regardless. The way the voting is set up for voting for the president in November is called the electoral college. If you look at how the votes were cast in 2008, obama would never have won, the Republican had far more votes than obama did. But the states on the east and west coast are weighted more heavily, and they negate the many states where the vast majority of the population voted for McCain. There has never been a president this far left leaning, and who selects so many marxists and homosexuals to important cabinet positions. The man chosen to head the IRS had filed false claims in the past, and yet he was chosen to head the agency. obama has friends who were once terrorists (Ayers), and he was put through college by Ayers parents, and he was even listed as a foreign student at least at 2 colleges.ALL of his records are sealed. It seems like we are fighting a losing battle, but we know that God is on our side. God will judge people, and EVERY knee will bow down before Him. Please pray for our country, as many of us pray for Christians around the world, who are undergoing great persecution. They of course, receive no help from this president. God bless you and thank you for writing. We look for the imminent return of our Savior.