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May 14, 2012

Obama Campaign Taps Young Adviser, Michael Wear, for Faith Outreach

A 23-year-old executive assistant in the White House faith-based office will head the campaign's faith outreach.

President Obama's re-election campaign has tapped a 23-year-old executive assistant in the White House faith-based office to head up its outreach to religious communities.

Michael R. Wear, who has worked in the White House for the past three and half years, will move to Chicago to become the campaign's Faith Vote director next week, White House officials confirmed on Monday.

"It has been an honor working with Michael Wear to create positive faith-based and nonprofit partnerships to serve people in need," said Joshua DuBois, executive director of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Wear was DuBois' executive assistant. (CT profiled then 26-year-old DuBois in 2009)

A native of Buffalo, N.Y., Wear was an intern during Obama's 2008 campaign, specializing in outreach to religious groups. He helped arrange candidate Obama's appearance at a presidential forum at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in California as well as a meeting between Obama and prominent Christian leaders in Chicago.

After organizing the prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral following the president's inauguration, he went to work for DuBois, who himself headed religious outreach for the campaign before assuming the directorship of the faith-based office.

At the White House, Wear has been involved in a wide range of religious issues, with particular responsibility for adoption and foster care. He also sought to build connections with young evangelicals, including those involved in the campaign to capture Ugandan guerilla leader Joseph Kony.

"Michael has spent a number of years in the faith-based office so he knows the territory," said Amy Sullivan, author of "The Party Faithful," a book on religion and American politics. "But the Republicans would put somebody senior with years and years of experience and a big Rolodex in that position. And I guess that tells you something about how Democrats still view faith outreach and its importance."

Wear graduated from George Washington University with a B.A. in political science in 2011. He turns 24 on Wednesday.

(Daniel Burke contributed reporting.)


Michael Wear bears a lot of responsibility by attempting to persuade Christians to support Obama. This president is a staunch supporter of abortion. 50 million babies have been killed since 1973 and Obama wants to insure that it continues to be legal and easy. Abortion is the now the number 1 killer of black people. Margaret Sanger's (founder of Planned Parenthood) Eugenics philosophy was designed to eliminate the poor and undesirables in society. Under Obama 70 percent of black children – are now born to unmarried mothers. And yet he continues to undermine the instituition of marriage. Newsweek now calls him the “Gay President” for his support of homosexual marriage. Blacks have done much worse under Obama than either Clinton or Bush. Black teenagers have a devastating unemployment level of 41 percent. He is an enemy of business and rapidly pushing the country into staggering debt. He has managed to alienate himself from evangelicals, Catholics, religious Jews and now evangelical blacks. Even Muslims, who have been delighted with him are now being alienated by his support for Gay marriage. Why would a Christian want to persuade other Christians to support him? Strange times.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey's confusion of fact, fiction and bigotry illustrate very well what President Obama can expect if he continues to place his faith-group connections with the 'evangelical' (i.e. fundamentalist and pentecostalist) and his cam;paign directs its outreach primarily to that minority of the whole EVANGELICAL realm. What the President can expect from that sector is the same kind of hard-headed nay-saying that bedeviled the first two+ years of his administration.
The President would be well-advised to look at his own religious affiliation within the United Church of Christ. The progressive main-line Christians, which is a majority of the whole Evangelical (i.e. the whole gospel for all people), accept the President's leadership as consistent with the Christian faith extolled by the main-line Christian churches. This is his realm for strong support that he is ignoring as he seeks to win over the fundamentalist-pentecostalist sector of Evangelical Christianity.
"Father, forgive them...."

Ben, by any national poll the liberal mainline churches are in decline. I would not count on them for enthusiastic support (they are wiser today) or numbers. Catholic bishops have come out united against Obama for his enthusiasm for abortion and attempt to make their institutions offer support for birth control and abortifacients. Religious Jews are declining in support due to his treatment of Netanyahu and comments about giving away Israel’s land.

If you are advocating giving up the “fundamentalist and Pentacostalist” vote, you are conceding the black church which is largely fundamentalist and pentecostal. White evangelicals have always been Obama’s thorn in the side and the newest polls by Public Religion Research Institute show 68% for Romney and 19% for Obama. Even the small “liberal” evangelical group has lost it’s enthusiasm for Obama as recent comments by Tony Campolo, Joel Hunter and others show. And of course, you can forget about any Mormon support for Obama. Obama has not regularly attended a christian church during his years in office and he demonstrates week after week that he is tone deaf when it comes to the religious in America.

Besides, how serious can Obama be about courting the vote of Christians when they put an inexperienced 23 year old staffer on the mission?

Ben Gums' comments on Evangelicals and his summaraizing them as fundamentalist (the mainstream media's N-word) and Pentecostalist suggest his disdain of the historic Evangelical movement.

Significantly,Ben Gums does not mention any of the moral issues that make Obama problematic, to say the least, for Evangelicals.

Interestingly, this post tells us nothing spiritual about Michael Wear, not not that he is a "believer". We do know his job description though- get out the "faith Vote".

It seems that by bringing a 23 year old on board,the Obama campaign is hoping to exploit the religious "generational gap" which polls say presently exist in the USA.

Apart from the black vote, which the campaign is sure it has, those persons most likely to buy into the campaign's cultural agenda are youth whom, we are told, care little about "culture war" issues.

With the campaign alienating many segments of the faithful - evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, and now possible even Muslims, Mr. Wear will be earning every dollar of his pay between now and November.

You know, it's not an evangelical/fundamentalist/traditional thing, or a Mormon or conservative Jewish thing. It's a human thing. In an abortion a little baby is torn to shreds. And Obama supports keeping that legal and talking up, and funding up, the biggest abortion supporting group in the country, Planned Parenthood. Even many stone cold atheists realize how very wrong this is, and you have Obama and his "Christian" coaches trying to pull a fast one on the country? Come on, Michael Wear, it's not too late to repent and change your mind!

As Franklin Graham so wisely put it-we are not electing a pastor of the United States, but a president. Abortion is an issue of the heart, and whether it is legal or not, those who have decided to do so will do. Only God can change a heart, a policy, a politcal party, nor a person (accept for that of Jesus Christ) can not do so. To make a moral issue as your main campaign or voting stance is only a part of the puzzle because whom ever governs, governs others with different beliefs than Christians. I always measure my votes on Matthew 25: 35...."when I was hungry you fed me...naked you clothed me... etc. as oft as you do this to the least, you have done so unto me. What candidate has a heart for the hungy, the naked, and the poor and what are they proposing to do about it.

Well Bonnie, the babies inside their mother's womb, the most innocent and vulnerable of humans, are definitely not fed or clothed by pro abortion policies as they are murdered. I know of only one party that is militant and pro abortion.

So, in short, Michael will be helping Obama straddle the fence. It's all about getting back into office. I'm so tired of politics.