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February 23, 2009

About Imago Fidei

Imago Fidei is Christianity Today's pictures blog. Each day, we'll update the blog with a photograph, painting, design, sculpture, or map that shows Christian life or expresses our faith.


What does "Imago Fidei" mean?
It's Latin for "image of faith." In this blog, our aim is to give you pictures that illustrate more about all aspects of evangelical Christian life.

Who runs this blog?

This is one of Christianity Today magazine's blogs. The main editor of the blog is Susan Wunderink, Christianity Today's international editor.

Where do you get these images?
We work with private photographers, artists, and Christian ministries. Many of the images we use are in the public domain.

How can I use these pictures?
Since these aren't really our images (we have permission, but don't hold the rights), you'll need to contact the creator. You can usually find that information by following the link in the credit line right beneath the image.

Can I submit photos or art to Imago Fidei?
Yes! We're always looking for images that are very good, free for use, and have a Christian aspect. But first take a look at the kinds of images that we've already posted so you're familiar with our style. If you think you've got something we could use, please send me an email with your name, the title of the picture (if there is one), a caption or information about the subject of the picture, and a jpg file that's at least 600 pixels across.

What if I see a problem in an entry?

Let Susan know by sending an email.


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