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May 13, 2009

Jesus Boat, Unearthed

boat-with-foam2.jpg 1st Century Galilee Boat, photos courtesy of Yigal-Alon Museum.

During an especially bad drought in 1986, the sea of Galilee receded from the property of Kibbutz Ginosar and exposed a boat. Yuval and Moshele Lofan, fishermen, discovered it and called in the archaeologists. The boat began to disintegrate as soon as it was exposed, so a team worked for 11 days to extract it from the mud without destroying it.

Most estimates say the boat is from about BC 50 to AD 50. It probably is quite similar to the type of boat Jesus and his disciples would have used during his ministry in Galilee.

The boat's discover seemed to be a spiritual sign to many. The Yigal-Alon Museum website says that at the time the boat was discovered, "A brilliant double rainbow crowned the skies over the Galilee. Extremely rare, many thought these rainbows and other simultaneous unexplainable events were signs from God."

In fact, one of the brothers who discovered it soon became a Christian.

Imago Fidei featured another photo of the boat during Lent. More after the jump.

Neues%20Museum2.JPG The boat's twelve types of wood have been preserved through a chemical process, so that it can be displayed. It's about 27 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 3.9 feet deep. Photo courtesy of Yigal-Alon Museum.

full-scale-model-c-hlp.jpg A full-scale model of the boat. Photo courtesy of Yigal-Alon Museum.


Many more of this type of discoveries will take place as signs and wonders are still the evidences of Christian faith through Jesus who lived, died and living amongst those who are saved and are to be saved.

Yet, the World at large will not see, nor can it understand.

May the Lord heal their blindness and grant them salvation.

Great Great post! thank you:)
I visited the Jesus Boat Museum site - and Loved it!
I also read the Discovery page they have there:

God Bless!

I agree, a great post. I just made my first pilgrimage to Israel and visited the Jesus Boat. The folks there are wonderful! We sailed on the Sea of Galilee then saw the display of the Jesus boat. And they have a very nice gift shop too -- a lot of inspiration in that place. I acutally have just ordered some additional gifts from them for people I forgot.
It's a great place to support my new friends in the Holy Land. Here's the site if anyone is interested

God bless!


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