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The Christianity Today women’s blog provides news and analysis from the perspective of evangelical women. We cover news stories and books related to international justice and evangelism, pregnancy and sexual ethics, marriage, parenting, and celibacy, pop culture, health and body image, raising girls, and women in the church and parachurch.

Her.meneutics was co-founded by Katelyn Beaty and Sarah Pulliam Bailey.

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Why 'Slut' Cuts to the Core--of All of Us

March 8, 2012 10:04 AM

Are you a slut? Have you ever been one? Have you ever been made to feel like one? Have you ever made someone else feel like one? Have you ever called someone a slut, even if only in your mind?...

The 99 Problems with Jay-Z’s Use of “B----”

January 31, 2012 8:43 AM

When Jay-Z and wife Beyonce welcomed their first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter, into the world on January 7, Jay-Z joined the ranks of hip-hop dads that include T.I. and Fat Joe. Just two days after Blue Ivy’s arrival, the...

Real, Authentic Authenticity

September 22, 2011 11:10 AM

The top-read Her.meneutics post of all time was Karen Swallow Prior’s “Doing Authentic Ministry with My Smokin’ Hot Bride,” published this July. To avoid misleading any church planters who might read the piece in earnest, the subtitle helpfully clarified that...

The Sin Behind My Swearing

September 12, 2011 9:20 AM

In my defense, it hadn't been a good afternoon. My 6-year-old had a friend over, so I was watching five kids instead of the usual four. My 4-year-old was crying because the game he wanted to play on the computer...

Taming the Twitter Tongue

August 16, 2011 10:27 AM

Ever since I was little, God has been teaching me the same lesson over and over again. My growth has been slow and nearly imperceptible at times, but God has not flagged in his insistence that I learn to tame...

Doing Authentic Ministry with My Smokin' Hot Bride

July 19, 2011 8:35 AM

I slipped. My husband and I were asked to take on another church commitment. I was trying to decline graciously. In my e-mail response, I wrote, “We cannot help now, but hopefully in another season.” I copied my husband on...

How to Talk about Having Children

June 22, 2011 11:20 AM

For all the ways reality television star and Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian and I differ from each other, we do share one striking commonality: We both turned 30 this year. And for both of us, our entry into this new...

Celebrate National B-----Feeding Month

August 10, 2010 9:00 AM

World Breastfeeding Week has just ended, we are in the middle of National Breastfeeding Month, and I feel like I've been boob-deep in lactivist reading. Oops — did my use of the word boob bother you? If so, then you...

Church Volunteers: An Oxymoron

July 13, 2010 10:29 AM

If you’ve even spent time at a local branch of the Red Cross, tutored a child at a local elementary school, pounded nails at a Habitat For Humanity build, or picked up trash at a local nature preserve, you’ve probably...

The History of Glenn Beck's 'Social Justice'

March 22, 2010 11:13 AM

Setting off waves of debate in recent weeks, conservative radio host Glenn Beck advised his listeners on March 2 to leave their churches if they found signs of commitment to “social justice” or “economic justice.” Beck called such language “code...

Finding the Right Words for Disability

March 18, 2010 3:03 PM

The word retarded has made the news lately. The Special Olympics designated March 3rd as a day of awareness about the hurtful and inappropriate ways that word is used. Before that, Sarah Palin excoriated Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s Chief of...

Media Lukewarm on Laodicean's Meaning

May 29, 2009 11:12 AM

Last night Indian American girl Kavya Shivashankar, 13, won the televised Scripps National Spelling Bee and its $40,000 prize after rattling off the letters in Laodicean (pronounced lā-ˌä-də-ˈsē-ən). Like most spelling-bee words, the adjective doesn't get much use in everyday...

Bible Translated into LOLcat

April 14, 2009 1:42 PM

We've probably all seen them floating around the Internet: those cat pictures, the ones ranging from morbidly obese felines to noxiously cute kittens, captioned with phrases like "Iz mah house!" and "I can has cheezburger?" They're LOLcats, an Internet...


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